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Mammography, Like Democracy, is Imperfect But Essential: New Guidelines Wrong

By Reichman, M.D. Bonnie
(The piece below is second in a series of responses by WVFC’s Medical Advisory Board to the new screening guidelines for breast and cervical cancer issued last week. Check back later for word from Dr. Elizabeth Poynor on cervical cancer screening and from Dr. Allen on the cumulative effect of both. — Ed.) Breast cancer is every woman’s greatest fear. …
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Ten Myths About “Bio-identical” Hormones

By Streicher, M.D. Lauren
Bioidentical is not a scientific term. It is a term made up by savvy market research gurus to describe certain plant-derived hormones distributed by compounding pharmacies. The use of the word” bioidentical” is brilliant. It’s catchy. It sounds “natural.” It sounds like something different than a hormone product produced and distributed by commercial pharmacies. Promoters of bioidentical hormones claim that…
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Protecting Your Knees, From Core to Floor

By Eveline Erni
At Mount Sinai Hospital, here in New York City, I lectured last month to a group of orthopedists, physiatrists and physical therapists. Our topic of interest was the patella, and my specific lecture was how to protect the knee from undue stress. As a clinical director, I can tell you without looking at numbers or charts: Knees give people a…
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