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Prophylactic Mastectomy: Why Remove A Healthy Breast?

By Eleni Tousimis, M.D.
Eleni Tousimis, M.D.,

New research out of Wake Forest Medical Center, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, revealed an interesting trend: Women diagnosed with breast cancer were choosing to have not only the affected breast removed, but also the normal, healthy one — even when they did not carry the gene for developing breast cancer

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Theresa Heinz Kerry: Get That Mammogram

By Women's Voices For Change
Theresa Heinz Kerry’s last piece seen at WVFC was on the need for long-term care to be included in health reform, which seems now to be occurring (at least as of today). Even then, we learn  now, Heinz Kerry was facing her own health-care crisis, after a routine mammogram last year revealed she had  breast cancer. So when the new…
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Health Mix: Stumbling Onto A Female Viagra?; New Mammogram Guidelines Confuse, Enrage; Michelle Obama on Older Women And Health Care Reform

By Women's Voices For Change
Equality with Viagra? We don’t know about you, but WVFC was more than a little startled to learn that there’s an organization called the “European Society for Sexual Medicine.” We’ve also been a little skeptical of all these drug-industry studies calling lack of desire a disorder, though one such study issued in January stated that women reporting less desire were…
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