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Theresa Heinz Kerry: Get That Mammogram

By Women's Voices For Change
Theresa Heinz Kerry’s last piece seen at WVFC was on the need for long-term care to be included in health reform, which seems now to be occurring (at least as of today). Even then, we learn  now, Heinz Kerry was facing her own health-care crisis, after a routine mammogram last year revealed she had  breast cancer. So when the new…
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Special Announcement: Tomorrow, Ask Medicare About Caregiving

By Womens Voices for Change
Since many boomers are already caring for aging parents (and the rest of us mostly just worry): WVFC has just been contacted the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the government agency that handles Medicare and Medicaid,  about a new initiative to help us learn what's possible.  What does Medicare provide? To whom? For how long?  What does it mean…
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Waiting for “The Women”; Kathryn Roberts Challenges Both Candidates to Tackle Long-Term Care; Short-Term Sleep Loss Counts

By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.
After 30 years, the buzz might last till Christmas: A week before the premiere of The Women, Diane English’s remake of the Claire Booth Luce classic, the buzz is everywhere — and so are the corporate sponsors.  Dove International has announced that the company “has partnered with Hollywood film The Women to inspire and educate them about a wider definition…
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