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Les Misérables: The French Revolution, (A Little Too) Up Close and Personal

By Alexandra MacAaron
As if to prove that we are watching live singing, nearly every song is shot in one- or two-shot extreme close-ups. This was a bit much, and at times got in the way of the song itself. I would have preferred to get lost in the music, rather than wonder . . . How did they get Hugh Jackman’s eyes to look like that? When was the last time Eddie Redmayne shaved? When was the last time Anne Hathaway ate?
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The Compass Rose: Saving Father Christmas From Kris Kindle

By Ainslie Jones Uhl
My office, right now, is a shameless jumble of multiple typed drafts of works in progress, random but important thoughts penned on index cards, carefully considered newspaper clippings, half-filled Moleskines and yellow legal pads, and dozens of books piled not so neatly on the floor. It is a writer’s room. Additional works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry fill two huge…
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