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Kidney Transplants, Sick People and Sick Banks: An Exchange

By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.
In the current era of debate about health-care costs, last week’s Newsmix item on kidney transplants sounded an alarm here at WVFC. One reader, Rita Prangle, asked the question on many minds: The study authors’ belief that doctors consider women frailer than their male counterparts doesn’t make sense. We’re all aware that women live longer than men. I wonder if…
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Newsmix: In Israel, women managing pacifist towns, Orthodox shuls; Women less likely to go on kidney transplant lists as they age; “Grandma Joyce” Bamford-Addo takes charge of Ghanaian Parliament

By Rachel Rawlings
In the third week since the Israeli military began attacking Gaza in “Operation Cast Lead,” the women of Neve Shalom / Wāħat as-Salām–a cooperative town in the “no man’s land” along the Israel-Palestine border–are making an impassioned and, we’ll admit, sexist cry for peace. In this intentional community of Jews and Arabs, whose name translates to “Oasis of Peace,” the…
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