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General Medical

My new mantra: Baldness means it’s working

By O'Brien Kathleen
When my mammogram turned up a highly suspicious mass this past May, one of my first (irrational) thoughts was, “But you don’t understand! I don’t have the cheekbones to pull off the Jaunty Headscarf stage!” Cheekbones or not, here I go. As of yesterday, I share a hair style with Lance Armstrong. For him, a quarter-inch buzz cut may help…
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Poetry Friday: David Tucker, “Women of My Childhood”

By Women's Voices For Change
David Tucker is the deputy managing editor at the Newark Star-Ledger, in Newark, N.J, where he was part of the Ledger team that won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News. Previously, he worked as managing editor at United Press International, and served as sports editor and later city editor for The Philadelphia Inquirer.  He brings a journalist’s sensibility for…
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Money & Careers

Maria Shriver: The Next Big Plan Comes from Us

By Chris Lombardi
With the convulsive changes the nation is going through, we’re all looking for ways to ensure that the next set of public policies is not left to the usual players – that it has included our perspective, as women who’ve been around the block a number of times. And while WVFC keeps highlighting those of us with some power, from…
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