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Newsmix: In Israel, women managing pacifist towns, Orthodox shuls; Women less likely to go on kidney transplant lists as they age; “Grandma Joyce” Bamford-Addo takes charge of Ghanaian Parliament

By Rachel Rawlings
In the third week since the Israeli military began attacking Gaza in “Operation Cast Lead,” the women of Neve Shalom / Wāħat as-Salām–a cooperative town in the “no man’s land” along the Israel-Palestine border–are making an impassioned and, we’ll admit, sexist cry for peace. In this intentional community of Jews and Arabs, whose name translates to “Oasis of Peace,” the…
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Emotional Health

Guest Blog: Judy Orlando on Suicide

By Judy Orlando
(We love it when a comment at WVFC is so good that we it deserves its own blog. Such was Judy Orlando’s response to Monday’s Newsmix, which had mentioned a Johns Hopkins study that showed rising suicide rates among boomers. – Ed.) What’s going on here??? When I had just turned 40, a beautiful, educated and warm Frenchwoman, a former…
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General Medical

Women’s Faces-Is Getting Work Done An Advantage?; Age Bias by EMTs Endangers Over-50 Trauma Patients; Indian Women “Born Again” After 40

By Chris Lombardi
Beyond Botox, Part Three: This week Columbia University sociologist Joyce McFadden, author of the ongoing Women’s Realities Study, weighed in about the New York Magazine story “About Face,”  which examines the shifting aesthetic made possible – and, inevitably, nationally desirable by new developments in cosmetic surgery. Pointing to the difference between the taut, dramatically altered visages of early boomers such…
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News Brief:Annie Lennox Rocks AIDS Conference; Most Americans Want Total Revamp of Health System, says Foundation CEO Karen Davis; Tina Brown’s New Online ‘Beast’

By Womens Voices for Change
How strange the change from 1990 to 2008: The above rendition of  Cole Porter’s “Every Time You Say Goodbye”  was rocker Annie Lennox’ contribution to the 1990 collection Red, Hot and Blue, which raised more than $10 million for AIDS research. But that was just the beginning for Lennox, 54, now Oxfam global ambassador. This week, Lennox made headlines at…
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