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WVFC Holiday Gift List, Anniversary Edition

By Women's Voices For Change
Last year, we were thrilled to inaugurate our annual celebration of WVFC writers, which compiled all the books and authors we’d covered into an easy-to-use holiday shopping list— one for poetry and one for prose. This year, we’re doing the same. Some of the authors, like Gail Sheehy and Dominique Browning, we’ve gotten to know well in interviews and commentaries;…
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Money & Careers

News Brief: “Top 40” Models Now Rule; Popular Knee Surgery Disappoints; Women 50-60 Set to Change Teaching

By Womens Voices for Change
Not so sure we like that “sleeping giant” part: That’s what US Weekly editor called the over-40 demographic this week, as he explained the predominance of over-40 models in major magazines (if not, alas, on the Fashion Week waif parades): These are the women at the hub of our culture.” The women who invented the supermodel phenomenon are back in…
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