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Perspective 101

By Alice Pettway
Nothing puts you in your place quite like being outwitted by a couple of chipmunks.I know; I spent 48 hours battling them for the modest rations of food meant to sustain me and my husband, AJ Pettway, during a two-week hike in southwest Colorado. I’m relieved to report that after two destroyed ditty bags and the loss of ten packets…
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Houses on Wheels: A Gated Community

By Barbara Olsen
It was Memorial Day weekend. For months I had fantasized about my country life by making etchings on Saturdays at the Art Student’s League, just waiting for this day to come. Now we were on our way to open up our country place. My husband, Joel, and I drove the two-hour trip from NYC to Saugerties, my childhood hometown. We…
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