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Movie Review: ‘Trumbo’ and the (Gossip) Queen of Hollywood

By Alexandra MacAaron
By Alexandra MacAaron

'Trumbo' tells the story of “The Hollywood Ten,” a group of screenwriters blacklisted by the studios in the late 1940s and through the 1950s for their alleged affiliation with the Communist Party. The film’s release is timely. At what point does freedom of speech or religion or political affiliation become a threat to national security? When does our collective fear of “others” intrude upon our nation’s promise of inclusion and asylum?

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Wednesday 5: Amelia Earhart on Marriage; Helen Mirren on Sexism in Hollywood; Phiona Mutesi, Ugandan Chess Star

By Women's Voices For Change
Amelia Earhart's bold views on marriage; Helen Mirren on sexism in Hollywood; women science fiction writers still encouraged to use male pseudonyms; Phiona Mutesi uses chess a pathway out of poverty in Uganda; and the documentary on Mutesi's journey from the slums in Kampala to the international stage of chess champions.
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Voices We Love: A Valentine to the Wise.

By Laura Baudo Sillerman
by Laura Sillerman This is a mash note to all the women who know how tell aging like it is– not as a trial, but as a trail to glory.  They make our hearts beat fast to the rhythm of truth. You’ll notice that our great national heroes are US Airways pilot Sully Sullenberger (58) and flight attendants Donna Dent (51), Sheila…
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