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Toni Geyelin: Some Musings on Investment Bank Profits

By Antoinette Geyelin
Interesting article in this week’s Financial Times, highlighting comments made by Larry Fink, founder of investment giant BlackRock. Apparently, Fink criticized the “luxurious” returns reported this quarter by a number of Wall Street firms (taking particular aim at Goldman Sachs). With less competition, Fink observes, the remaining firms are taking advantage of market conditions to charge huge fees for services.…
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Diane Vacca: Whose Economy Is It?

By Diane Vacca
Let me be clear, as the President often says. I am not an economist; I’ve never taken a course in economics; I’m very good at saving money and spending it, but not at earning it in any significant quantity. I’ve been wrestling with the bailout process, and my head is spinning— partly because I am so out of my comfort…
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