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Mastering the Art

By Cecilia M. Ford, Ph.D.
Interviewed on NPR last week, the director Nora Ephron, said her eagerly awaited new film is about marriage as much as it is about food. Julie and Julia presents the parallel true stories of both Julia Child’s emergence— as a chef and a cookbook writer — and that of a contemporary young Queens  woman named Julie Powell. Powell  executed all…
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When Mother’s Day Brings Only Questions

By Diane Vacca
I didn’t like my mother. I don’t remember ever feeling close to her, and I was always convinced that she had no idea who I really was, what I believed, what I wanted or why. I remember coming home with torn pants and knees bloodied from climbing trees or rolling down grassy slopes, confounding her belief that little girls should…
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Essay – Election 2008 Is Boom or Bust

By Laura Baudo Sillerman
By Laura Baudo Sillerman At 61 years old I find myself wondering about my generation’s role in the current election and our lives’ legacy as well.  We were, many of us, student revolutionaries.  Some of us were called idealists, troublemakers, hippies, long-haired freaks and several less flattering monikers.  Still, most of us paddled straight from college into the mainstream.  My…
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