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Roman Polanski, It’s Not the 1970′s Anymore. Thank God.

By Chris Lombardi
This week’s arrest of Roman Polanski felt weirdly unsurprising. It fit somehow with all the flashbacks to 1969 the media’s treated us to this year — as that TIME cover put it, “From the Moon to Charles Manson.” What will the 1970s reminiscences be like, one wondered? Maybe like this. But who really remembers 1977? And what does anyone really…
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Congratulations, Justice Sotomayor!

By Women's Voices For Change
Today, Judge Sonia Sotomayor became Justice Sotomayor — the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice.   WVFC has been watching these weeks before her confirmation with great interest — with news blogs as President Obama chose her and a sharp commentary by Diane Vacca of the deep sexism in the media’s treatment of the third female Justice in history. Late last week,…
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News Mix: Fashion Over 40; Eliot Spitzer Sparks Feminist Review; “Freedom Sisters” – New Exhibit of Female Civil Rights Activists; Marketing and “Sex and the City”

By Womens Voices for Change
Fashion Over 40: British writer Ruth Sunderland, writing in The Guardian, wonders why it seems that only French women can be chic and serious. Postfeminism and Other Fairy Tales: Writing in The New York Times, Kate Zernike notes the response to Eliot Spitzer’s prostitution scandal and the divide over Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama: It’s not quite…
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