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Emmy Live Blog 2013: Who’ll Be the Next Women with Honors?

By Women's Voices For Change
Yes, it's awards season again. It's time for a red carpet, and competing predictions, and laughter. We've made a tradition, at WVFC, of live-blogging the awards ceremonies as they happen, to cheer on our favorites and dish about absurdities. Starting at 8 p.m. (EST) tonight, Sunday, September 22 on CBS, we'll be watching and live-blogging the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Join us!
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General Medical

If This Is Eileen Fisher, I Must Be Extra-Small

By Roz Warren
Nowadays, sizes are all over the place. In one store, I’m a Size 6. Down the block, I’m an 8. In the course of a single shopping trip, I can go from Small to Medium to Large. In each new store, when a saleswoman asks, “What size are you?” I respond, “I have no idea. You tell me.”
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Helen Uffner: Get Me Warm and Hose Me Down!

By Uffner Helen
December temperatures are sending those of us in the East running off to our sock drawer and wondering if those wool tights we bought last year are now a) fashionable, b) hole-free and c) warm enough to stem the wind. It’s fitting, then, that costume expert and WVFC contributor Helen Uffner decided to look into the origins of all that…
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