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Film & Television

An Education is a Masterpiece

By Women's Voices For Change
Every once in a while, there comes along an example of creativity that makes you wish you’d never praised one other thing, since so many of the words you might choose in exaltation have been made less by being applied elsewhere. This is such a moment. An Education is such a film. There is nothing new here. A naïve high…
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Emotional Health

“Last Chance Harvey”: Can a Middle–Aged Woman Overcome Past Disappointments and Find Love at Last?

By Agnes Krup
by Cecilia Ford Last week, Women’s Voices For Change was invited to a screening of Last Chance Harvey, a movie that addresses the thorny issue of a woman of a certain age finding romance. This film, wonderfully played by two of Hollywood’s most naturalistic actors, presents a pair of discouraged, disappointed, and downtrodden people who meet accidentally in an airport…
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