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Memories of Friendship and Blueberry Pie

By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.
My friend Adam Dolle wrote me last week to let me know that his mother, Viola Dolle, had died after only a brief illness. Mrs. Dolle was a devout Catholic who traveled to Rome when she was 90 for an outdoor Christmas Eve Mass celebrated by Pope John Paul II. She lived a long life with attention and affection given…
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Elegy for Natasha Richardson

By Laura Baudo Sillerman
She was far more beautiful in person than one can imagine.  Far more delicate with a presence more regal than most of her film and stage roles.  She was quiet and alert, seemingly familiar with the world’s duplicities and exaggerations and on guard for their appearance—in others or herself.  One had no trouble seeing her as a movie star, but…
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