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Anyone Know Where They Put the Honor Code?

By Elizabeth Hemmerdinger
By Elizabeth Hemmerdinger An editorial from the New York Times a few weeks ago, something that seemed so obvious to me as to require no further thought whatsoever, has in fact, caused me to dwell rather obsessively. In “Digging Out Roots of Cheating in High School,” Maura J. Casey reports that cheating in schools has been rising at an alarming…
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News Brief: “Top 40” Models Now Rule; Popular Knee Surgery Disappoints; Women 50-60 Set to Change Teaching

By Womens Voices for Change
Not so sure we like that “sleeping giant” part: That’s what US Weekly editor called the over-40 demographic this week, as he explained the predominance of over-40 models in major magazines (if not, alas, on the Fashion Week waif parades): These are the women at the hub of our culture.” The women who invented the supermodel phenomenon are back in…
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