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Eating Disorders in Women Over 40

By Megan Riddle, M.D. Ph.D. MS
By Megan Riddle, M.D. Ph.D.

Eating disorders have long been thought of as the affliction of the young. However, the more we learn about disordered eating, the more we have come to realize that this problem is far more complex than that, and affects women across the lifespan.

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Dr. Melanie Katzman: On Eating Disorders and Midlife

By Dr. Melanie Katzman
As a specialist in women’s mental health, I am often asked, “does one ever recover from an eating disorder?” To this the answer is a resounding yes, provided one learns  to set realistic expectations,  discovers alternative ways to nourish themselves physically and emotionally and devel ops alternative ways of coping with stress . Easier said than done but, it is…
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