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Film & Television

Web Watch: Sometimes you just gotta dance

By Women's Voices For Change
To make today feel less like a Wednesday, watch the girls from Gotta Dance! The movie, according to the filmmakers, “chronicles the debut of the New Jersey Nets’ first-ever senior hip-hop dance team, 12 women and 1 man – all dance team newbies, from auditions through to center court stardom. As smooth dance moves are perfected and performed in front…
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Emotional Health

Health News: HRT Patches vs. Pills; Cancer Options Coming Soon; STDs Up in Over-45s; Dance to This Video Right Now

By Womens Voices for Change
Think of It As a Luscious Band-Aid: Women who opt for hormone replacement therapy now may want to reject the pill for a patch: a new British study shows that those who used patches had significantly less risk of (otherwise unfortunately common) gallbladder problems. When rates of the illness among HRT users and women who did not use HRT were…
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