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Poetry Friday: A Prose Poem Question from Alkalay-Gut

By Women's Voices For Change
The Belt What if the poem leapt from its page and surrounded you – like a rope or a belt tightening around your waist – a pet snake charming the world to stay close and keep its distance, whirling you about to learn your meaning, your wholeness, your perfect self Born in London on the last night of the Blitz,…
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Shelley Singer: My Life in Five Pictures

By Shelley Singer
Maybe it is for this very moment that I have been cataloguing pictures and watching family movies for most of this decade, writing, fretting, and trying to see clearly and to say what is true. I have hours of DVDs, hundreds of pages of words, and a row of file boxes with year-by-year photographs, love letters, death certificates, sonograms, a…
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