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Long Weekend Special: An Interview with Ginnah Howard, Part One

By Laura Baudo Sillerman
Las t month, we saluted Ginnah Howard when her novel Night Navigation was featured in The New York Times Book Review. Now we have the opportunity to salute Ms. Howard again — and to thank her for responding in such length to questions about her novel and herslef. What came back will be shared here over the next four days…
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Arts & Culture

Jessica Lange on the Other Side of the Camera

By Elizabeth Willse
By Elizabeth Willse Two years ago, Jessica Lange collected portrait photographs she had taken of her children, to be assembled into a book as a gift for her family.   The book's designer, Sam Shahid, asked to see more of her photographs. Looking through her black and white landscapes and photographs from her travels, Shahid told Lange: "You have a book…
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