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The Wednesday Five

By Women's Voices For Change
Older women and the pitfalls of looking for love online; Barbie gets an artsy update from 'Selma' director Ava DuVernay and the doll sells out in minutes; a moving company of men help victims of domestic violence begin new lives; Nordstrom wants women to custom-design their perfect shoes; and Gloria Steinem pens the best 'Top Ten Things I Want For Christmas' list.
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Fun with Boomer Barbie

By Roz Warren
By Roz Warren

Every Boomer Barbie is slightly shorter and plumper than Original Barbie, and comes with at least one ailment (bad knees, a bad back, cataracts, etc.) to kvetch about with the other Boomer Barbies. (The deluxe model has genuine hot flashes!)

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Barbie: Christian Louboutin Puts His Foot In It

By Elizabeth Willse
Throughout her 50-year history, every bit of Barbie’s 11-inch-tall form has been the subject of scrutiny and debate. Originally introduced in 1959 as “a teen-age model,” her history has always been linked to the fashion world, and has become a tangled part of women’s girlhood memories and body images. (On Barbie’s actual 50th birthday in March, WVFC’s Laura Sillerman called…
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At 50, As She Ever Was: Happy Birthday, Barbie.

By Laura Baudo Sillerman
by Laura Baudo Sillerman Barbara Millicent Roberts was born on March 9, 1959.  Icon and controversial celebrity, and better known as Barbie, she has been the subject of countess books, magazine articles, Ph.D. dissertations, moms meetings and public harangues—not to mention the inspiration for hundreds of millions of dollars of cosmetic and more radical surgeries. She has also been beloved…
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