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Elizabeth Warren to Blow the Whistle

By Chris Lombardi
In December, WVFC cheered when we heard the first from Harvard University economist Elizabeth Warren, who’d been appointed by Congress to chair a panel overseeing the first of the government’s financial industry rescue programs, TARP (or Troubled Asset Relief Program),  This year, as TARP’s successors have been unveiled under the direction of largely male alumni of Goldman Sachs, Bank of…
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Thursday NewsMix: Depression-era depression fighter; Elizabeth Warren evaluates the bailout; Over-40 indie filmmakers honored; Foggy Bottom faux pas

By Womens Voices for Change
Split-pea soup for the soul: Diana Foote, food writer for the Treasure Coast Palm newspaper, says that anti-depressants are not what’s needed during the recession. Instead, she writes, “I suppose the erratic Dow has something to do with it, but I don’t feel safe anymore without a hambone in the freezer.”
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