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For U.S. Caregivers, Many Changes

The National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP have just released a new report about caregivers in the United States, an update of the last one issued in 2004. In just five years, I am amazed by some of the new information, and how significantly some of the numbers have changed. The report is based on interviews with 1,480 caregivers throughout…
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More Holiday Book Ideas: WVFC Writers and More

Last week, we offered holiday shopping suggestions for poetry lovers, with all our Poetry Friday authors. But we didn’t want to leave out other books and writers we’ve featured in 2009! First, just in case you’re still looking for books with Christmas themes, here are a few favorites from WVFC contributing editor Elizabeth Willse, who each year produces a holiday…
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Gay Culverhouse, a Grandmother Who Speaks Truth to NFL Power

Instantly noticeable among the dark suits at the House Judiciary Committee hearing two weeks ago, Gay Culverhouse stood out in her purple dress, but even more for what she said. She hammered the National Football League and its doctors relentlessly, charging that they treat individual football players as “a disposable commodity.” I confess, I don’t follow football. I don’t even…
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Susan Baida: eCareDiary, Building Community, and Sex in the Workplace

We at WVFC were thrilled to discover an essential new resource and “neighbor” on the World Wide Web:  eCareDiary.com, an online community formed in late 2008 for those of us caring for elders in our families. In some ways, this is the challenge of our generation: balancing, sometimes, multiple dimensions of caregiving for several generations, each with its attendant financial…
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Amy Tan Operatic at 50; Boomer Addictions Growing, Could Break Medicare; New Clues to Link Between Heart Disease and Cognition

Getting On The Bestseller Lists?? Turning 50 means many things to many busy women. To acclaimed novelist Amy Tan, shown above reading from her book Saving Fish from Drowning , it meant bringing her novel The Bonesetter’s Daughter to the stage,  with its rich narrative of life in the Chinese-American diaspora. But what her mother really wanted to know, Tan…
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News Brief: Magazine Editors Say Bring On Older Women; Want A Great Workout? Slow Down!; Thyroid Hormone and Alzheimer’s Risk

No more waifs: Fashionistas bring on the gorgeous older women. While much of the pages of fashion magazines still feature models who look like starved 12-year-olds or college freshmen, magazine editors are finally listening to their “boomer demographic,” and recruiting more models over 40. To Francine Tremblay, who 20 years ago founded  Le Bel Âge in Montreal, it’s about time:…
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