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Labor Days and September Beginnings

By Julia L. Kay
Labor Day weekend has always been a time of transitions for me, starting with the earliest and biggest transition I’ve ever gone through: September 2, 1962, when my mother labored on Labor Day and brought me into the world. Officially marking the passage of my years has thus also always coincided with one of the biggest seasonal transitions visually, when…
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Weekend Web Watch, Part Two: Serious to Joyful

By Chris Lombardi
Stepping up for hard truths: At WVFC, we’ve long noticed some power women calling the alarm about sexual assault in the military, including California Rep. Susan Davis, Col. Ann Wright, and Helen Benedict, author of The Lonely Soldier.  Today we add another, with a bigger microphone: CBS’ Katie Couric, who came through today with a searing report on the latest…
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Money & Careers

After 30 Years, A New “ Technique” for Living

By Women's Voices For Change
By Rachel Dent Along my thirty-year career path I created a $100 million dollar business, a great deal of stress for myself, and discovered the Alexander Technique. My goal was to retire early, so that I could realize my passion for teaching English. I was commuting a minimum of two hours a day from the peaceful small suburban town of…
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