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A Special Assignment

By Julie M. Danis
Special work assignments usually offer special experiences. Like the time I cooked and test-marketed new hamburger sandwiches — mushroom Swiss and pizza barbecue — as part of a promotion for a fast-food chain, or when I ran catering triage behind the scenes of a professional golf tournament. These out-of-the-office jobs opened my eyes to real assembly-line production and the unglamorous…
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Aging Parents and Dealing with Siblings

By Womens Voices for Change
By Janice Arenofsky Getting older isn’t for sissies, but neither is caring for an elderly parent when sibling rivalry reaches critical mass. One example explains all: After a medical crisis, I suggested a change of meds to the charge nurse at the nursing home where my mother resided. She informed me that as “number two” daughter, I had virtually no…
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