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Fashion & Beauty

Poetry Sunday: In Praise of an Older Woman

By Women's Voices For Change
Given our mission, we at Women’s Voices for Change feel little need to offer equal time to male poets, but every once in a while a deeper voice reminds us—as it does now—fhat change is indeed a shared human experience. We are happy to offer our readers Gordon Gilbert's tribute to older women, "whose fall foliage commands our attention."
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General Medical

Making It to 92

By Julie M. Danis
All the doctors sang the same tune, “You’re getting older.” Generally, I didn’t think I looked or felt like I was approaching 50, whatever that is suppose to look and feel like. But it’s difficult to feel young when the diagnosis is “old.” I did feel sweaty at night, hot during the day and generally irritable all the time, which…
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Anesthesia and Amnesia: Wisdom From Age To Just Deal With It

By Patricia Yarberry Allen, M.D.
This morning I had a visit with my very competent oral surgeon on New York City’s Central Park South. Since I would receive sedation for the procedure, I was fasting overnight and none too happy. No coffee — and it was morning. The surgeon behaved like a saint while I whined about yet another visit, yadda yadda. But, I do…
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