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Ten Myths About “Bio-identical” Hormones

By Streicher, M.D. Lauren
Bioidentical is not a scientific term. It is a term made up by savvy market research gurus to describe certain plant-derived hormones distributed by compounding pharmacies. The use of the word” bioidentical” is brilliant. It’s catchy. It sounds “natural.” It sounds like something different than a hormone product produced and distributed by commercial pharmacies. Promoters of bioidentical hormones claim that…
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General Medical

Alternative to Painful Mammograms?;Women Skeptical of “Fountain of Youth Ads”

By Womens Voices for Change
Because you keep putting off that mammogram: For those of us who find mammograms awkward, uncomfortable, even painful, the news this week buzzed with possibly-helpful ideas: A little lidocaine might help. A study out of Idaho suggested that a normal anesthetic gel helps some women endure the procedure with significantly less discomfort. “Mammography saves lives, and we would like women…
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