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Sustainable Fashion — Eco-Friendly Labels to Love

More and more, the brands for environmentally conscious fashion are ever increasing. From labels that use locally produced, organic or environmentally sensitive fabrics, to those that are strictly committed 100% fair trade certified products, the underlying goal of these new brands is to reduce impact on the planet while maintaining the integrity of their designs. Going green is the new fashion forward! In honor of the upcoming shopping season, we’ve selected our favorite brands that pair style with sustainability.



SVILU offers environmentally sustainable and socially sensitive staples for modern dressing. Locally produced pieces are based on styles that endure trends. SVILU was inducted into the CFDA in 2015. See the Fall 2015 collection here.



Kowtow only uses 100% fair trade certified cotton and produces clothing that is ethically and sustainably made from seed to garment. Featured above is a perfect layering piece, the Building Block Long Sleeve Dress, made from premium 100% certified fair trade light-weight organic cotton.



A PEACE TREATY has designed a vast library of prints and jewelry all made by hand with the utmost care and attention to detail. The brand sees themselves as champions for slow fashion and preservationists of centuries-old techniques. Featured above is the Yilla Cape, a handmade woven gradient cape from Peru.




Olsenhaus’ commiment to pure vegan reflects the company’s to merge passions for design, fashion, function and being a voice for animals, the environment, transparent business practices and unwavering values in ethical and social responsibilities. Trailblazing exposure and education on the leather industry are the main focus of Olsenhaus.


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