Summer Arms in One Month — Part 2

One Arm Reverse Curls. Attach the end of the tubing to something that is chest high. Hold the handle in your right hand and reach your arm forward with the palm facing down. Bending your left arm, place the back of your left hand under your right elbow so your left arm is acting as a support for your right arm (image 5). Pull the handle toward you (image 6), and extend back out with control. Perform 10-15 reps. Repeat with other arm. (Note: To do this exercise with a dumbbell, hold dumbbell at your side and cross your left arm in front and put back of hand under elbow.)

Reverse Bicep Curl 1

Reverse Bicep Curl 2

Overhead Tricep Extensions. Sit on tubing and hold handles behind your head, palms facing up (image 7). Point your elbows straight up and extend both arms straight to ceiling (image 8), then lower with control. Perform 10-15 reps. (Note: you can substitute dumbbells for tubing).

Overhead Tricep Ext 1

Overhead Tricep Ext 2

Again, super-set these two exercises, going from one to the other for a total of 3 sets of each exercise. Try to increase the resistance for each set a little, until you are only able to do 10 reps and the last two reps are a challenge to complete.

For summer arms in one month, repeat this routine on alternate days with the shoulder workout from last week, for twice a week, for the next four weeks.

Hope you enjoy the weather and please send in your thoughts, questions, and let us know what your favorite active thing you do in the summer!


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