Summer Arms in One Month — Part 2

Last week we learned a great strengthening routine to tone and sculpt the shoulder area of your arms. This week, we will focus on the front and back of your arms, namely your biceps and triceps. 

One of the nice things about working your biceps and triceps is that they are “opposing muscle groups.” When you are working the group of muscles on the front, the other side is resting. This means you can quickly go from a bicep exercise, right into the start of a tricep exercise, which allows for very efficient use of your time and keeps the workout flowing.

Perform the following warm-up exercises before starting the arm exercise routine:

  • Warm-Up Ex #1: Arm Across Stretch. Reach one arm across at chest level. With your other hand, grab just above the elbow and pull the arm into the body and across. Hold for 10 seconds, then repeat with other arm.
  • Warm-Up Ex #2: Elbow Behind Head Stretch. Reach one arm over your head and reach the hand down toward your upper back. With the other hand, reach up and grab your elbow. Gently pull the elbow across and down to feel a stretch in the tricep. Hold for 10-20 seconds. Repeat stretch with other arm.

The following exercises use a rubber tubing for resistance, but you could use dumbbells for the same benefit.

Arm Sculpting Routine:

Standing Bicep Curls. Stand on tubing holding handles by your sides with palms forward (image 1).  Curl up the handles to shoulder level (image 2), then lower with control. To better isolate your bicep muscles, bring your elbows in front of your ribs for support. Perform 10-15 reps. 

Stand Bicep Curl 1 Stand Bicep Curl 2

Dips. (We’ve done this one before, and it’s still one of the best). Sit toward the front of a hard chair or bench with your legs out straight. Place your hands right next to your hips, with the heels of your hands on the edge of the seat (image 3). Roll your shoulders back and then push down with your arms to lift your body up off the seat. Let your knees bend a little, but don’t shift your weight forward onto your legs. Keep your back straight and shoulders down as you just bend your arms to lower your body (image 4), and then push back up to straight arms. Try to perform 10-15 reps. If your form breaks or you feel a strain, reduce the range of motion (only bending a quarter of the way down) and reduce the number of reps.

Jill Bench Dip 1

Jill Bench Dip 2

Super-Set the above two exercises (meaning go from one to other without resting) for 3 sets of each exercise. Try to increase the resistance for the Bicep curls to where doing the last two reps is a challenge. Since Dips is a bodyweight exercise, to increase the intensity you should try to do more reps. Again, to where the last two are a challenge to complete.

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