Stretching With A Yoga Strap

yoga strap stretch

There is nothing like giving your body a good stretch. However, sometimes it is not easy to stretch your muscles adequately or safely just by holding different positions. This is why I teach all my clients how to use a yoga strap to give themselves a full and safe stretch. A yoga strap is a long cotton belt with a buckle or cinch clasp at the end (see image). To adequately stretch your legs, you want one that is at least 8 feet long. (If you would like to purchase an 8 feet long cotton yoga strap, you can do so here.)

Yoga Strap-black
In today’s post, I am including two instructional videos that show you how to use a yoga strap to properly stretch your leg and hip muscles. One of the benefits of using the yoga strap to stretch is that you can do so while lying down on your back. This is a safer way to stretch your legs than doing positions from standing or sitting. Yoga instructor Laleh Nader demonstrates the stretches and she is easy to follow, but remember to work within your limits and be mindful if you have any conditions.


Prone Quad Stretch

Supine Leg Stretches



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