Breaking News out of Cleveland is that Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs is in critical condition and on life support after suffering an aneurysm while driving Tuesday night. Reports that Tubbs Jones has died were retracted.

A former judge and prosecutor, Tubbs Jones was elected to Congress in 1998, the first African American member of Congress from Ohio. She was a passionate supporter of Hillary Clinton, taking some heat from the African American community for her early and strong support.

I saw Tubbs Jones a little over a month ago at an Emily’s List luncheon in Washington, D.C. She was her usual ebullient and very funny self, reading a poem to the audience, cracking jokes, and generally making everyone in the room – tensions at Hillary’s loss were palpabale – feel just a little bit lighter.We’ll keep you posted on the latest news.

-Elaine Lafferty

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