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Spring Training for Body Renovation

  • Keep portable rubber floor mats in the office, apartment and house for abdominal exercises. I like the Pilates floor-exercise focus on core strength that daily abdominal exercises gives me. and I have had the personal experience of having done basic abdominal core exercises for years.  If you are a beginner and need a safe way to protect the lower back, see if this video works for you.

    A strong core will not only look tighter but will improve posture and decrease back pain. Time: 10 minutes daily.

    1. Walk 20 blocks to work and 20 blocks back. Get out of the taxi or off the subway or bus so that you can get this daily training in. Walk briskly. Buy walking shoes that have good support and that are the right shoe for your walking style and the shape of your feet. Some shoes are best for high arches, others for flat feet. Many stores that cater to serious athletes now have technology that evaluates your rapid-walking style using a small video-camera that is placed at the level of the feet. After one minute of  walking on the treadmill, the trained salespeople can give you good advice about the shoe that will be best for your feet. Use a backpack that is well designed and positioned on the upper back comfortably, rather than carrying a briefcase and handbag; wearing the backpack will decrease shoulder pain while you’re walking. Drink a bottle of water during each walk. Muscles need hydration and stretching. Simple stretches after the walk will prevent muscle pain. Time: 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon.
    2. Correct your posture. Ask a friend to photograph you with a simple phone camera when you aren’t looking, and do the same for her. It is often a big shock to see how we look when we are just standing or walking around, not conscious of where our body parts are in relation to each other! Hold that head up, look straight ahead, lift the chest, pull the shoulders back and down, pull the abdominal muscles in tightly while you think of lifting the abdominal muscles up toward the chest at the same time. Then tuck the buttocks in tightly and walk with authority and grace. You will have less back pain, and less neck and upper back pain as well. Time: All the time!

    It would be terrific if we could remain motivated enough to do these easy and time-friendly exercises all year round. But, at least, many women are more likely to start an exercise program in spring in order to look better in fun summer clothes.

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    • Dr Pat March 26, 2018 at 11:57 pm

      I don’t wear a watch and you aren’t the first person who has noticed that I run on “Pat Time”. I must do my 20 blocks in 17 min mile time…though I do run for all traffic lights! Is that interval training?
      Thanks for keeping me honest
      Dr Pat

    • Mary F March 26, 2018 at 10:18 am

      My dear Pat, completing a 20 block distance (in NYC, approximately a mile) in 10 minutes is not a brisk walk, it’s runnning! Walking a 15 minute mile is very brisk; a more realistic goal is probably a 17-17.5 minute mile. And a city walker has to factor in traffic lights.