Jewelry designer Sharon Khazzam infuses her love of art and gemstones in each of her creations. Drawn from original sketches and paintings, each numbered jewel is handmade in New York, meticulously catalogued with a permanent record guarded in her studio. Sharon’s love of beautiful jewels is apparent each day. She continues to draw, paint and create individual pieces that are clearly unique to her sense of design and style. Her aspiration is to turn these elegant and often whimsical creations into timeless collectibles, destined to tell a tale to future jewellery lovers.

Sharon’s career began upon earning her jewellery design degree from F.I.T.in 1984.  Asprey then hired her as their sole in-house jewellery designer. With their support in 1993, Sharon launched her first eponymous collection and in 2001, she introduced her collection at Barneys New York, a partnership that has grown and still flourishes today. As we head into another New York Fashion Week, Sharon launches a new collaboration with Barney’s that will allow her to work directly with her clients in creating customized pieces.

Today, she shares with us her definition of reinvention, the “love of her life” gemstone, and why she thinks brooches are timeless.


What is your personal definition of Reinvention?
The ultimate and most creative challenge to oneself. It is moving forward without compromising essence nor personal sensibility. Reinvention is adding another facet, in addition to the existing ones.


What is your favorite gemstone and why?
Hands down —  Paraíba Tourmaline from Brazil. It is a most beautiful gemstone, boasting a natural Caribbean blue color, and possibly the happiest stone I have ever seen. I have the most difficult time selling each one that I acquire. Here is a link from our beloved Marion Fasel’s The Adventurine on my love for the gemstone.

LOVE of my life….Paraiba ❤️ #sharonkhazzam #jewels #madeinusa #luxury #paraiba #brazil #bespoke #oneofakind #beauty #nature_perfection

A photo posted by Sharon Khazzam (@sharon_khazzam) on Jun 3, 2016 at 1:57pm PDT


What pieces from your collection can we wear for Fall?
I must say all of them, as I design year-round, and do not create based on fashion trends. I strive to have each piece be timeless so that it can be enjoyed by future generations. If I have to pick one collection, I would suggest the Baby Collection. It is my signature collection, and the Baby Necklace is the quintessential definition of my design philosophy. It can be worn with jeans and a white t-shirt as well as to a very chic black tie event. I am an advocate of wearing all you have all the time, and not saving anything for special events.

4-sharon-khazzam-long-multi“The Baby Necklace” from Sharon Khazzam’s Baby Collection. (Image courtesy of Sharon Khazzam Studio)

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