Though there’s a lot to be said for them, over time even the most delightful monogamous relationships can become just a bit predictable. (Dare we say  . . . boring?)  Savvy women know that a touch of novelty can be just the thing to chase away the midwinter bedroom blahs. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions for adding a bit of spice to this month of love and romance. 1. Dancing. Waltz, tango, salsa, or slow-dance like a pair of high-school kids (with breaks for making out)—however you want to move, as long as you’re moving together. 2. Foot massage. Whether it’s the space between the last two toes or somewhere in front of the heel, there’s an erogenous zone down there somewhere. Have fun finding it.  3.  Try a new position. Grab a Kama Sutra and hunt for the most complicated sexual position you can find. See what it inspires. 4.  Or have a good laugh. That could be what it inspires. If so, no worries. Laughter releases endorphins, and that’s a turn-on too.    5.  Alternatively, play Twister—naked. This could also land you back at #4, but with the benefit of a little exercise. If you’ve got back problems, skip this one. 6.  Get literary. Find your old copy of Lady Chatterley’s Lover and see if the sex is as hot as you remember it. Take turns reading the steamiest bits to each other. (Okay, we know—#4.) 7.  Have sex someplace new. Be creative. But stay out of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. That one’s been done. 8. Side-by-side massage. A splurge for a special night.
  9. Strip poker for two. So what if you don’t know how to play? And yes, you still want to bet money.    10. Sexy lingerie. What can we say? Some things are tried and true for a reason.  Bonus point: Crotchless panties. No, they’re not the same as thongs—they’re sexier. And a lot more comfortable.


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