Some of the newest items in our media roundup:

  • As Women’s Equality Day approaches, the Christian Science Monitor quizzed some “19th Amendment experts,” who had good news: “women are finally gaining a measure of the political leverage that the 19th Amendment promised when it gave women the right to vote 90 years ago.” Depends on the size of the measure, we guess: the jobs most often occupied by women still pay pretty badly.
  • In Japan, good and bad news: The Bank of Japan has its first female president, Tokio Shimizu. But,  Shimizu told BusinessWeek, there’s some way to go before there’ll be another, because of management attitudes toward women: “If a woman is denied experience with important duties, later on she’ll be told she’s not fit to be a manager.”

  • As for the chocolate: We always guessed it might be good for the heart. Now, Swedish researchers have quantified it: One square of dark chocolate a day can help ward off heart failure. Only one —excess calories can erase that benefit — but it’s more fun than that baby aspirin.

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