The Job Without Benefits: The Boston Globe looks at the rise of women outearning their husbands — though gender equality at home remains, well, unequal.

“No matter how successful we are at work, women are judged by the condition of our households. We feel guilty if our homes aren’t beautiful,” says Randi Minetor, author of “Breadwinner Wives and the Men They Marry.” “We assume we’re the point person for this stuff. We’ve got hundreds of years of tradition telling us that we are.”

Women are making a lot of money, says Suze Orman, whose latest book is “Women & Money.” “But we haven’t emotionally adapted to what that means, and neither have the men we live with, so we are in true crisis. We are in a power crisis.”

Russia Gets More: More, the magazine that targets women age 40 and older, is launching a Russian-language edition later this year. “More Russia fills a gap in the marketplace for consumers and advertisers alike,” Oleg Ryazhenov, Sobaka’s chief executive said in a statement. “There is no other magazine in the world that speaks to this demographic with such confidence and style.” More’s U.S. circulation is 1.1 million.

Forbes Billionaires: The Business Line, India’s second largest business daily, has a write-up on women who made Forbes billionaire list. But the title could use a grown-up touch: “Power Girls”?? (By the way, did you know J.K. Rowling of “Harry Potter” fame is the only billionaire author?).

Real Living Beauty: Make-up artist Bobbi Brown, whose new book, “Living Beauty,” features a number of over-40 celebrities, tells USA Today: “Some people are dipping in a little too much into the fillers and the Botox. They look like their age, but like they’ve done something. That doesn’t make them look younger. Before you get to the makeup, it’s about understanding that we are supposed to look a certain way, decade by decade.”

Women’s Equality Summit: Convened by the National Council of Women’s Organizations and the Younger Women’s Task Force, this two-day conference (March 26-27) will will bring together 500 women leaders, activists and students to kick-start a legislative agenda for the 110th Congress.

Remember This: Study shows why exercise boosts memory, reports Reuters.

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