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Ro’s Recipes: Upstairs Downstairs at Crom Castle & Irish Whiskey-Cured Salmon


Irish Whiskey-Cured Salmon


One of Northern Ireland’s traditional specialties is boxty pancakes, made with grated potatoes. Ireland is also known for their rivers that are home to wonderful wild caught salmon. So here I have married the two traditions in an untraditional way: Irish whiskey-cured salmon on boxty pancakes with Guinness mustard.

Yield: 8 appetizer portions

Equipment: Measuring cups and spoons, small palate knife, plastic wrap, medium bowls, two oblong fish tubs or roasting pans.

1 side skin-off salmon filet, preferably wild, about two pounds
1 cup Irish whiskey
¼ cup red wine vinegar

1 cup kosher salt
1½ tablespoons black pepper
1½ tablespoons ground ginger
2½ tablespoons cracked coriander seeds
1 cup sugar

Combine whiskey and vinegar.
Combine dry ingredients.
Line a large plastic oblong fish tub or roasting pan with plastic wrap, twice the length of the tub or pan.
Gently scrape the flesh of both sides of the fish removing any loose scales with a small palette knife or the back of table knife.
Place salmon on plastic. Massage both sides gently with whiskey-vinegar mixture.
Scatter half the salt mixture evenly on one side of salmon. Press into flesh. Carefully turn fish over and repeat.
Cover the salmon completely with the plastic wrap. Place another tub or pan on top. Place some heavy items in it to weight the salmon.
Refrigerate for two and a half to three days, turning salmon over once and draining liquid once after a day and a half.
Drain collected liquid. Scrape off residue salt off both sides of salmon till completely clean. Slice salmon thinly and lay overlapping on a plastic lined sheet tray. Cover with another plastic sheet for the next layer. Store covered with plastic wrap and refrigerate till ready for service.
Serve with bread and grain mustard and salad of your choice or boxty pancakes with Guinness mustard.


Boxty Pancakes

Yield: 6 appetizer portions

Equipment: roasting pan, large holed cheese grater, cloth tea towel, measuring cups and spoons, medium mixing bowl, small mixing bowl, rubber spatula, saute pan, metal spatula, half sheet rack,

3 cups flour
1 teaspoon kosher salt
½ teaspoon freshly grated white pepper
2 teaspoons baking powder

2 cups grated, raw potatoes squeezed out in tea towel
4 whisked eggs
2 -3 cups milk
1 cup clarified butter

Guinness Mustard
¾ cup Dijon mustard
6 tablespoons sweetened apple puree
2 tablespoons Guinness

Sift flour, salt, pepper and baking powder into a medium bowl.
Place raw potatoes in medium bowl. Add whisked eggs and milk. Fold in grated potatoes and combine well.
Heat saute pan. Add a tablespoon of clarified butter. Over moderate flame heat till shimmering. Dollop a tablespoon of batter onto pan. When the bottom is well set, after about two minutes gently turn over with metal spatula to cook the other side for another two to three minutes.
Repeat till all batter is used.
For service, gently reheat the pancakes to fluff them up.
Place on a tray for hors d’oeuvre service or on plates for appetizer. Dollop with a smear of mustard, top with a small rolled slice of cured salmon.


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