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Ro’s Recipe for Valentine’s Day: Molten Chocolate Cake

Who was Valentine, and how did he earn his saintly reputation?

Valentine was a Christian priest living in third-century Rome during the era of Claudius II. Back then, it was believed that soldiers fought better if they were untrammeled by the vicissitudes (or blisses) of marriage. Though it was common practice for men to have more than one wife, Christianity ruled that marriage should be monogamous.

In that day, marriage was always—and, in some cultures, still is—calculated to achieve a merger of the couple’s property and wealth. Monarchs and moguls were married off to compound territories and wealth during wars and as capitulation to mark and consolidate peace. Occasionally, the marriage of strangers turned into a love match, as Shakespeare’s  Henry V delightfully shows—the king of England not only conquers France after the battle of Agincourt but gains the love of the Princess Catherine.

The Roman priest Valentine secretly married soldiers, against not only Roman traditions but also against the martial edicts. Men and women risked their lives by forsaking all others to pursue the punishable practice of Christian marriage! Now that’s romantic!

Valentine, the patron saint of happy marriages, came to an unhappy end on February 14, 269, but we will pass over that. In the name of modern love I offer this recipe for molten chocolate cake. Believe me, it is a no-sweat, stress-free, most romantic way to end a delicious dinner.

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  • Mickey February 11, 2016 at 3:37 pm

    Oh, come on! We want to read about St. Valentine’s demise. No, thank you, that was kind of you. And Thank You So Much for the cake recipe. It brings to mind a cake that can’t be made with the ‘original’ recipe. A cake made in a tube pan, the ingredients were, if I can recall, egg yolks, cake mix, frost mix (that aren’t on the shelves anymore!), walnuts, and I can’t remember what else. But it was so delicious. Liquid interior, chocolately!, and delicious, moist but crisp exterior. Sigh. Thank you so more.