Roll, Release, and Strengthen — The Benefits of Foam Rollers



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3)   EVA Foam Roller: 6” x 36” ($30 – $38) – A higher quality roller, EVA foam rollers are closed cell foam, firm but have a pliability that is much more comfortable than the standard rollers. They also keep their shape and are more durable as well. They come in marble blue or green colors, and also in blue with a textured hexagonal surface.


4)   Trigger Point GRID Foam Roller: 6” x 12”, or 6” x 36” ($39.99) – A more expensive branded foam roller made differently in that it has a hard plastic inner shell that is coated by a molded rubber coating with patterned ridges. I have this one and truthfully, I find it a little hard and the ridges don’t seem to make any difference.

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5)   Rumble Roller: 6” x 12”, or 6” x 36″ ($45 – $75) – This roller is also made with a hard inner shell that is coated with hard molded rubber. The big difference is the large “bumps” on the roller that people use to press into the knots or trigger points on their legs and hips. I also own this one, and it is not suitable for use on your back, just with your hips and legs, and only if you can take intense pain.
From my experience, a large EVA foam roller is the most user-friendly roller that most people should start out with. Normally, I would recommend using Amazon to find these, but the choices are very confusing and it is not easy to know the quality of the items. Also, it is a good idea to get a Foam Roller exercise book or poster that illustrates and explains how to use it properly. To that end, you can get both a high-quality EVA foam roller with an illustrated poster of exercises for only $35 at this website. Read More »

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