9181241435_91f5699cd8_oIt’s Day 6. The votes are flooding in for The Valentine’s Day Romantic Movie Survey. Still leading the race are The Notebook, Love Actually, Gone With the Wind, and Casablanca.

Your votes will be posted once daily; the survey lasts through midnight, February 14. Look for your entry by movie title. And . . . remember that for every entry, an anonymous donor will contribute $5 to BabyHeart (up to $25,000), a project of the International Children’s Heart Fund, which treats children in developing countries born with heart disease.

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The Notebook

Melissa Dodge: “I love the way the way the story is told with flashbacks. Their love for each other is undeniable.”

Patrice Basso: “What’s not to love about this timeless love story?!! It represents true love and shows that true love never dies, and that there is hope for “the one that got away” coming back into your life. The already romantic love story gets even better at the end when you realize he is reading the love story to his wife with Alzheimer’s to help her remember how they fell in love.”

Genevieve Andreo: “It’s beautiful & it shows true love is forever!”

Lindsay Larson: “It is a truly beautiful story that shows that true love can overcome anything.”

Peggy Riley: “So nice that he is with her until the bitter end and won’t give up on her!”

Dolores Gil: “El amor que demuestra Noah al contar la historia una y otra vez para que Allie lo recuerde, es simplemente amor real.”

Lisa McEvoy: “The idea that love can last a lifetime and beyond, through good and bad, the beautiful cinematography. . . and Ryan Gosling in the rain!”

Cathy FW: “Ryan Gosling in a boat surrounded by swans. . . sigh.”

Theresa Palmer: “The book and the movie are a great reminder that true love does exist. Before I met my husband, I wouldn’t settle for anything less than what was portrayed in the book (and the movie).”

Jackie Tillman: “The chemistry was amazing.”

Humberto Rodriguez: “Is amazing, and tells anybody’s story, It could happens to you.”

Phyllis Hershkowitz: “A heartwarming love story as seen through the eyes of a loving husband whose wife’s life has been caged in by Alzheimer’s disease. The Notebook is representative of the past, present, and future of a marriage that is bound by deep devotion and friendship.”

Denise Mueller: “His love for her was eternal. The movie made me feel good and yet cry.”

Kelly Blum: “So passionate.”

Tina Barker: “Shows how true love lasts a lifetime and how there still are couples who live and die for each other.”

Melissa Brenner: “Great love story that spans decades. Great actors. Surprise ending.”

Laura Giunta: “Laugh, cry, relate, couldn’t be better.”

M B: “Noah is perfect and so patient. Letters every day of the year—ideal romantic.”

Katie Tierney: “Because of that one scene. . . You know the kissing scene on the boat in the rain . . . Just can’t beat it!”

Kim Collins: “It is the most sincere representation of true love – all kinds of true love – and the sacrifices made to see it survive.”

Akua Bediako: “Told in flashback and in the husband’s words, it tells the story of a love that lasts through years, illness, and beyond. It is exactly the kind of love that everyone hopes for.”

Dilarom Cleveland: “The best movie ever about true love that can overcome any problem. In addition, love how the movie shows the importance that a partner be not only a lover, but a friend and supporter. Actors did an amazing job, and the music in the movie—love it!!!!”

Lauren Laminack: “Who doesn’t love The Notebook? It is an amazing love story that I could watch over and over again. He loves her so much and would do anything for her even when memory is gone.”

Stephanie Siehr: “Ryan Gosling in the rain on the pier.”

Gail Brenner: “Cause it’s a love story forever, no vows given lightly.”

Aspen Mueller: “The bittersweet ending gets me every time!”

Gordon Blum: “Well . . . its the first romantic movie that came to mind . . .the end of the movie was a tearjerker.”

Teanna Waarich: “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.”

Angie Gurule: “One of the best movies ever.”

María Salinas: “Love above all! No matter the social differences, the families against it, and everlasting. No matter what, loves conquers all. That’s why.”

Betsabe Quezada: “I vote for this movie because it shows that true love does exist and how strong it is no matter what problems you face and also if at some point you are apart if it’s true love it will find you back and reunite you.”

Nicole Duddleston: “Because it shows how complicated and hard love and relationships are but if there is true love and respect, it can conquer all.”

Courtney Nerovich: “This movie is an ultimate classic. It shows the strength of true love. Incredibly heartwarming.”

Farzana Shah: “Old time romance at its best. A true tear-jerker.”

Regina Roberson: “Like seeing how the man adores his lady!”

Betty Lou Wojciechowski: “This movie makes me cry for joy every time I see it! It exemplifies True Love to the very nth degree. It is touching, exciting, funny, warm, and rings oh, so true to the very meaning of selfless, forever love.”

Kate Herrmann: “A classic romance movie sure to make every girl cry at least the first time she watches it. Also. . . Ryan Gosling :).”

Marijana Belavic: “It is a film full of emotion, passion, tenderness and I just hope that I will one day such a great love and dedication, but that I stay healthy in order to enjoy it, unlike the main female character.”

Danese Rexroad: “He loved her and loved her through her illness. His commitment was unparalleled.”

Jenni Riportella: “Because love conquers all. Family, finances, war, distance, disease etc.
They ended up together and true love was relived over and over even after she was diseased with dementia. What true love is all about. Being there for someone when they really need you.”

Karen Bowtell: “I love this movie because it is a wonderful story.”

Patti Martus: “It showed all who watched the real definition of love, showing us happiness and sadness but most of all how love forgives.”


Love Actually

Elaine Fitzgerald: “So many different story lines, it keeps you interested.”

Margaret Lyster: “It encompasses so many aspects of love and the human condition.”

A. Peebles: “It’s funny, romantic, and has great characters. I have seen it multiple times and each time I love it. And the fact that my husband loves it makes it more special.”

Beth Cortez: “Love Hugh Grant! Love all the wonderful comedic and romantic love matches! Oh, did I mention I LOVE Hugh Grant!!”

Cindy Fuener: “The movie Love Actually illustrates in the opening scenes that love actually exists. What’s more heartwarming than watching loved ones greet one another at the arrival gates at Heathrow? But the movie also exhibits the real heart ache that often accompanies the idea of love. You don’t always get what you want, so you learn to appreciate love in whatever form you find it, be it romantic, parental, platonic, brotherly/sisterly.”

Jessy Palamattam: “I love that there are multiple couples to root for in this movie, and the interconnectedness of the couples. I think my favorite couple is the boy, Sam, and his crush, his American classmate Joanna.”

Mary Thompson: “Great movie. Love the stories and Liam Neeson and Colin Firth!”

Kaci Murley: “Love Actually is a not your typical love story! It represents many different types of love. Plus it is the only romantic comedy that my boyfriend will watch, so we watch it often. :)”

Elaine Butcher: “Best. Movie. Ever!”

Patricia Cummings: “Because it is real.”

David Egan: “Love comes in different shapes and sizes, but when it all boils down you just know in your heart when you find it. This great British movie captures the essence of love, not always perfect, but always fun.”

Dawn Schulz: “It explores the many angles of love.”

Kaitlyn Bolan: “This movie always helps renew my belief in the various types of love. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not, but Love Actually is all around.”

Lisa Rodriguez: “It’s funny, touching, suspenseful, beautiful, entertaining, heartwarming, and sad all rolled up into one glorious package. Leaves you with a smile on your face. It’s a classic and never gets old no matter how many times you’ve seen it.”

Jaime Henderson: “Follows several different love stories at once. Gives lots of different perspectives to love and culture and status.”

Maria Norcia Santillanes: “It elicits every emotion!”

Hayley Isaac: “Everyone loves a great love story! This one follows 8 couples that are interrelated, complicated, and so sweet!”

Cassandra Johnson: “I love the message the movie has. It does not matter what walk of life you come from, we all just want to be close and hold the ones we love and to be loved. Love really does make the world go around. Heathrow Airport is a cool setting for the beginning of this movie and the message is very true :).”

Kelly Hale: “Great movie that showed so many different types of love. Excellent cast!”

Linda Turner: “It’s funny, it’s romantic, it’s playful. I can watch it over and over and I am happy I did, each and every time.”

Kathryn Irvine-Bray: “Because it is actually about love.”

Virginia McMillen: “I love the grand romantic gestures and the tiny sweet moments spread throughout the film.”

Michelle Jerry: “Watch it during the holiday season every year. Reminds me of what is most important in life. . .love.”

Janine Evans: “I love this movie from start to finish. The way it encompasses all kind of love, new beginnings, difficult moments, uplifting moments, and surprises. As a frequent traveler, the start & end of the movie showing real people in a airport arrivals hall gets me every time.”

Sarah Franco: “I love this movie because it teaches us that love is unique and spontaneous!”

Joan Garbo: “It shows love in so many ways, with lots of great humor, and with happy endings!”

June Havlena: “It made me cry and laugh. It told more than one love story and had something that every single person could relate to.”

Christel Peters: “It’s all in the title, really!! I adore this movie because it encompasses so many kinds of love: puppy love, sibling love, unrequited desire, romantic love, fun love, desperate love etc . . . Ah, I’m sighing just typing about it!!!”

Sri Rao: “It’s clever and has a great British humor which makes it fun to watch . . . even for the boys!!”

Kayla Albritton: “Even though it may be considered a Christmas movie, I love how optimistic it is and how many different varieties of love are portrayed in the movie!”

Barb Ellsmere: “It’s simply the best romantic moive of all time.”

Dani W: “The interconnected stories are sweet and endearing. It is amazing to see the lengths that people will go to for love.”

Kathryn Cittadini: “It has some great stories of love. We picked our wedding song from that movie. Love Actually is all around us. The first lines of the movie that Hugh Grant mentions about love is wonderful.”

Nita Mohanty: “I love the opening airport scene where it shows people of all walks of life and talks about all the beauty of all types of love.”

Lisa Maggard: “All the clever interwoven relationships and a look at several types of love: newly married, long-time married, unexpected, unrequited, loss, unorthodox, brother-sister, friends, first love and more. Wonderful!”

Susanne Budd: “Great cast. . . and very funny/heart warming.”

Nadine Shaw: “It’s just a lovely feel good movie.”

Daryl Kopeny: “It’s many love stories told within the film. It is so uplifting and made me cry! Very romantic!”


Gone With The Wind

Dolly Honomichl: “Just because.”

Kathy Smith: “I saw it first at the age of 12 with my entire school at a theater in Las Vegas. The cafeteria ladies made orange glazed cinnamon rolls for us to eat during the film. Everything amazed me about it! The characters, the costumes, the story, the history, Clark Gable! Later, my piano teacher had me learn to play the theme by Max Steiner. The book is amazing also. Even though I love Cary Grant romantic movies and so many others, GWTW will always be the absolute best!”

Elaine DeBock: “As a young teen, I stayed up almost all night reading the book and the movie was just as gripping! It’s an epic and enduring drama with an enormous emotional impact. The setting, the costuming, the music all combine to make it glorious entertainment.”

Eleni Howes: “It was one of the first “grown-up” movies I was allowed to see. It was the original one!!”

Caroline DuBois: “So many bachelors flocked around Scarlett at the picnic!”

Jodie Fenton: “Excellent story built around true history. Exemplary cast. Worthy to view time and time again.”

Rosalie Foss: “The soaring score, the actors, the ‘if only’ feeling.”

Melanie Snyder: “Strong Southern women, a glimpse into another time, being named for one of the characters!”

Emily Kelting: “It was the first romantic movie I saw. . . Oh, and Clark Gable!!”

Jennifer Safian: “This movie allows women of all ages and through the generations to dream!”

Charles Johnson: “Love keeps people going even in the worst of times.”

Clare Sander: “In an era oft criticized for its portrayal of women, this movie encapsulates the very essence of powerful womanhood; Scarlett O’Hara is intelligent, strong, determined, not cowed by any man, feminine, resilient following severe trauma, yet sensitive and wise enough to seek to improve her character – and vulnerable enough to show it. That she is paired with that rarity of a man in Rhett Butler – intelligent, irreverent, shrewd, protective of his woman – and subtly sensitive enough to let her be herself, makes it almost perfect!”

Ellen Lennard: “Mostly, I loved Clark Gable for his charm and physicality and the tension between the two. . . I kept hoping. Scarlet would realize who would really make her life exciting instead of mooning for another—weak—man.The whole love story was exciting and sad. It made me cry ,and that makes it a good love story.”

Terry Carter: “To me, this movie is the epitome of love stories, especially in the era when it was produced. It is a glamorous reflection of aristocratic wealth combined with key characters depicted from all walks of life. Yet Scarlet and Rhett are the perfect lovers, or are they? There’s tragedy and comedy, inter-twined with romance. This movie continues to stand the test of time.”

Louisa Troubh: “The fabulous costumes, the wonderful scenery.”

Clare Sander: “In an era oft criticised for its portrayal of women, this movie encapsulates the very essence of powerful womanhood; Scarlett O’Hara is intelligent, strong, determined, not cowed by any man, feminine, resilient following severe trauma, yet sensitive and wise enough to seek to improve her character – and vulnerable enough to show it. That she is paired with that rarity of man in Rhett Butler – intelligent, irreverent, shrewd, protective of his woman – and subtly sensitive enough to let her be herself, makes it almost perfect!”

John Bills: “Clark Gable is manly and treats Vivien Leigh well. Vivien Leigh plays a beautiful, emotional, irrational woman who doesn’t really know what she wants – until it’s too late! Mirrors reality in many cases!”



Lisa Cohen: “Because it doesn’t pretend that love exists in a vacuum, but in the “real” world where all sorts of choices have to be made.”

Helen Gibert: “Makes me cry every time I see it, which probably numbers in the 100s. Never tire of it, it has humor, pathos & romance.”

Liz Robbins: “A phenomenal romantic story set in extraordinary times. A movie that has always resonated with me on so many levels. Bogart, Bergman, “As Time Goes By”, “here’s lookin’ at you kid”, “play it again Sam.” A classic.”

John Jennings: “A great love gives way to a greater love, set at a time and place of fighting, hate and loss. A love story greater than a story about only two people.”

Paul Fenton: “Because it is very well done with an outstanding cast.”

Sonya Sobrian: “The older black and white movies are the most romantic. No distraction, just the actors and their message, which is certainly one of enduring, unselfish love in Casablanca!!”

Margaret Whitt: “Bogie recognizes the commitment Bergman has already made to her husband. He sacrifices a personal relationship for the greater good. A rogue, perhaps, but also a man of conscience and limited virtue. (Sorry, can’t recall the character names at the moment.)”

Monica Belisle: “Humphrey Bogart is a romantic and does the “right thing.”

Chris Lombardi: “It has everything: love, war, history, Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. Also riotously funny.”

Emma Elgy: “A true honest classic, true love doesn’t need a cheesy ending!”

Patrick Daugherty: “The exotic location, the French resistance, and Bogie’s love for Bergman: “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.”

Kate Carr: “Classic.”

Angela De Marco Manzi: “Love found, lost, found again. Tuxedos and beautiful dresses. And to cap it all, the best one-liners since Shakespeare!”

Stacy Luft: “How can you not love Humphrey Bogart and how pained he is to let his love go? He knows it’s what is best for her, so he lets her go. Of course I would not want to live this movie. . . but it is terribly romantic.”

Glenn Romanelli: “What’s not to love about the classic film Casablanca? The Rick/Ilsa/Victor love triangle amplified by the events of World War II makes it one of the best romance films ever. Who can forget that final scene at the airport? Bogie and Bergman at their best.”

Rebecca Taskel: “We (millions of us!) love it because it brims–overflows–with love, not only the doomed love between the incomparable Bogart and Bergman, but the love that is loyalty (Bergman and Henreid), friendship (Bogart and Claude Rains), and the passion for justice and liberty.”

Barbara Lovenheim: “There is nothing so moving as a man and woman surrendering their love for a greater cause. And the combination of Bogart and Bergman is intoxicating. Here’s to you!”

Janet Golden: “Because, love. . .”

Rick Bartemus: “Greatest movie ever.”

Connie Bartemus: “Love does what is best, seeks the greatest good, not what serves self.”

Susan Campbell: “Rick shows both the true depth of his love, and his tremendous character, in giving her up, and in not yielding to his romantic or sexual passion. The movie is extraordinary because of the extraordinary circumstances under which the former lovers re-meet in mid-life, and the palpable emotion that they still feel for one another. The historic French-Moroccan backdrop and WWII make it a blockbuster.”

Kevin Whitcomb: “I love it because it’s real. Everyone at some point in their life has had to make a choice based on what their heart wants and what is the right thing to do. A conflict of the heart and mind, the ultimate sacrifice sometimes, the ultimate joy when things work out.”

Louise Byrne: “The couch scene.”


Sleepless in Seattle

Christy Coss: “The guy realizes his best friend is the one he wants to be with and the pretty girl realizes that she is great all by herself and doesn’t need a man to define her.”

Ron Perel: “Fun and sweet.”

Agnes Rhodes: “Because true love wins in the end. They were willing to take a chance on love.”

Diane Perel: “Warm and fuzzy and fun to watch.”

Kate Boyle:  “Norah Ephron.”

Julie Blumberg: “It was touching to see a son’s love for his father, after the death of his mom. He didn’t want his dad to be lonely, so he took it upon himself to search for a new wife, and mom for his family..”

Sue Scott: “I love Seattle it is such an undiscovered gem like a softer, more mellow San Francisco. Even though you don’t see much of Seattle you get a glimpse. Then, of course, there are the young kids outwitting their parents who think they know everything and then the impossible happens!”

Sharon Knoeppel: “Shows how you can find love again even after a death. Teaches you to not settle for a mate if you know in your heart that he is not the “right” one. Plus, it is filmed in one of my favorite cities and it makes me cry happy tears every time. :-)”

Lynee Rigdon: “This is one of my favorite movies because Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are two of my favorite actors. How cool is it that they met over a radio show.”

Valerie Vergara: “I love how the son just wants to find the right person for his dad: two very unselfish people coming together. I love a happy ending!”

Christina Shaw: “Because you feel so warm & fuzzy watching!”

Suzy McQuown: “Sweet, simple, predictable, but timeless.”

Caren Gittleman: “Synchronicity at its best!!”

Judy Foster: “Love Tom Hanks.”

Bonnie Wosik: “Sleepless in Seattle was full of romance and comedy between 3 special people. A widower, his young son and his “new mom to be.” It was a delight!!!!!”

Lora Baum: “1. Because Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan were the hottest couple ever. 2. Because the scene of her trying on her mother’s wedding dress should happen in every family. 3. Because it is a movie about what every girl just wants to have happen to her.”

Harla Johnson: “This movie is so heartwarming because the son feels the pain of his father’s loss and tries to find happiness for him.”

Elena James: “Comfort film ever since I was a teenager. Have seen it so many times. Always makes me smile and if needed, can distract me from anything else going on,.”

Sandy Baker: “There was a depth and commitment that defined love way beyond physical while not denying the importance of physical attraction.”


When Harry Met Sally

Christy Sagalyn: “I love the idea of being best friends before lovers and true soul mates!”

Patricia Coulter: “A humorous, heartfelt story of a deep, true, long standing friendship that leads to true love.”

Kabrina Chang: “Love from friendship, romance with the city.”

Mónica González: “Romantic comedy that is true to life, realizing love is there right in front of you. Filmed in my hometown of Chicago.”

Holly Boyle: “My favorite gift from Nora Ephron. “Waiter, there is too much paprika in my paprikash.”

Jessica Thielen: “It is about the evolution of love.”

Sally A: “Love when you least expect it!”

Avril Leigh: “It makes me smile.”

Michael Pfeifer: “I thought it was funny and well done.”

Gary Giblin: “Humorous. New York is as beautiful as it gets.”

Tammie Vogel: “Sweet love story . . . when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want it to start now! Timeless movie!”

Karen Mowinski: “I LOVE the whole idea of best friends trying to navigate through changes in their relationship and in the end falling in love!”

Lucy Weber: “I love that the romance is not obvious.”

Jason K: “Harry and Sally meet when she gives him a ride to New York after they both graduate from the University of Chicago. The film jumps through their lives as they both search for love, but fail, bumping into each other time and time again. Finally a close friendship blooms between them, and they both like having a friend of the opposite sex. But then they are confronted with the problem: “Can a man and a woman be friends?” In the end, love conquers all.”

David Purvin: “Classic movie. Memorable lines.”

Jessica Few: “One of the best movies of all time! A must watch.”


An Affair to Remember

Susan Klatsky Cohen: “It has everything: finding love, losing it and then finding it again. And a great quote: “Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories, we’ve already missed the spring.”

Laura Gallagher: “Cary Grant!”

Cathy Chester: “I love this movie because (1) it has Cary Grant, my favorite actor (2) it has unselfish characters who only think of each other, a rarity in this world and (3) they find each other in a beautiful way at the end. It leaves you breathless until that last scene. Wonderful. Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of this important cause.”

Jessica Mann: “Cary Grant!!!!”

Bev Sutherland: “Love the happy ever after oldies. . .”

Doris Bartemus: “Beautiful, unselfish love story.”

Tricia Patterson: “Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, the music. Everything, pretty much!!”

Renee Love: “+ Sleepless In Seattle. It mixes the old and the new together in these two films but it is almost the same film. I love them both because they let you dream that maybe someday someone will love you like that.”

Christine Nolan: “I love the scene where he realizes she can’t walk…and he realizes she was there to meet him…always gets me.”

Tricia Patterson: “Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, Yul Brynner, the music. Everything, pretty much!!”

Susan Mehiel: “Who could not?”



Muhammad Zaman: “It describe the love.”

William Novick: “All romantic elements were in this film and the ending was absolutely fantastic!”

Melinda Like: “Love is everlasting . . . always.”

Vincent Grant: “It’s my wife’s favorite movie, so it’s my favorite also!”

David Wosik: “It’s a classic romance, Leo is amazing in it! He would’ve done anything for Rose because he loved her that much!!!!”

Brian Forsberg: “I’ll never let go, Jack.” (Rose DeWitt Bukater, Titanic). What every man wants to hear 🙂


Love Story

Betsy Combier: “Everlasting love, even if there is serious illness.”

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick: “Just watched it again after many many years. He gave up everything for her. Family, money, comfort. They really adored each other. It was a beautiful story.”

Michael Haltman: “True love.”

David Plotkin David: “To love someone and lose them grabbed me personally.”

Syreeta Batiste: “Oliver Barrett IV loved his wife through the good times and through the bad times.”

Kathryn Kroo: “At 17, the ill-fated lovers and the impossibility of it all seemed so romantic to me.”

Diane Dettmann: “Erich Segal’s 1970 “Love Story” was the first movie my husband and I went to after we met. Holding hands we watched Oliver and Jenny fall in love, deal with the struggles of life and the realities of death. As I cried through the tragic ending, I never thought thirty years later this movie would replay in my own life.”


Dirty Dancing

Joanne Rogovin: “Patrick Swayze is irresistible. The way they look at each other is my (and a lot of women’s) idea of love and passion. “Baby ” is no baby and proves herself to be an independent woman.”

Nola Rice: “Love was learned and people earned respect with growth.”

Sandra Roberts: “The dancing and the fact that PS comes back. :)”

Julie Sikorski: “Love the ending.”

Lydia McKenzie: “”Dirty Dancing” has all the great elements of a great romance: first love for a girl poised on the edge of womanhood, a tough young man whose heart is softened by that love, a great oldies soundtrack and some really inspired dancing. The dancing is so inspiring in fact, that my husband was inspired to surprise me with ballroom dancing lessons for Christmas, and now we are choreographing our own dirty dances!”

Trisha Vanbocquestal: “2 words: Patrick Swayze!”

Wendy Brown: “She thinks he is out of her league and he thinks the same, for different reasons but they soon realize what they can learn from each other, as they fall in love. They find the best in each other and also bring out the best in each other.”

Bridget Leavey: “Cause no one puts baby in the corner.”

Charlotte Jones: “It’s a classic! Brilliant chemistry between the characters and lovely summer fling story. As a young girl I dreamed that I would meet a hot bad boy like him on a boring family holiday!”


Bridges of Madison County

Sally Pommer: “Love pulls into her driveway in the middle of nowhere. Three days of bittersweet tender romance (with the best music playing in the background). The end scene in the truck as she grips the door handle, and we’re dying for her to open it and run to him, but we know she won’t. Sigh.”

Barb V: “Heartbreakingly beautiful.”

Kristie Tapp: “It is a love hate movie. I love that she sacrifices her “once in a lifetime love” for the sake of her husband, children. I hate that she chooses her family to lose her “once in a lifetime love.”

Margery Stein: “There is a slow, powerful buildup to their falling in love. Typical, but everyday details–like making dinner & taking a bath together–become powerful & emotional ways to advance the feeling. Two scenes–her gripping the car handle, thinking about getting out but not doing it, & him standing in the rain–kill me every time, & I always cry because they are so poignant.”

Anne Holgaard Sørensen: “Its a fantastic movie because you feel the fervent love between two adult people. They share a special spirit and they are meeting their soul mate for life.”


Pride and Prejudice

Maureen Miller: “Visually beautiful, interesting characters, love that it is 6 hours long. It takes time to get Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth) and Miss Bennett together!”

Trish Bowden: “Elizabeth and Darcy.”

Monica Sparks: “Classic, beautiful story! Timeless!”

Jana Glock: “It’s only due to accidental events that they change their opinion of each other and overcome the obstacles that they themselves set. Without these chances, a pair so right for each other would not have found together.”

Claudia Harkins: “Excellent literary work made into a beautifully crafted TV series starring Colin Firth. WOW, what a perfect leading man.”

Josephine Gieske: “This movie, six episodes long, has excellent character development, great acting and very interesting conversations.”

Mariam Talebi: “What’s not to love about the world’s most beloved English romance novel being adapted to film? Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen bring Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy to life.”

Pam Kusma: “I can watch this movie over and over and still sigh, smile, laugh and moon over Colin Firth!”

Victoria Smith: “I would have voted for “Pride and Prejudice” starring dashing Colin Firth as the enigmatic Mr. Darcy (believing Firth plays the hottest Mr. Darcy to-date), but I remember this was technically a TV miniseries, not a movie for the big screen. Thus, I vote for my second favorite Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen in the starring roles. The smoldering tension between Knightley’s Miss Bennet and MacFadyen’s Mr. Darcy conveys the irresistible attraction between seemingly polar opposites aggravated by mixed signals caused by unspoken and mis-communicated desires, thus evoking the bittersweet frustration of “coitus interruptus” that finally delivers full orgasmic fulfillment when the two nearly star-crossed lovers (who might have lost each other because of their silly respective prides and prejudices) get their signals right in the end! Great realistic contemporary interpretation of what otherwise could shave been a stuffy period love story.”

Melissa Hass: “Pride and Prejudice” gives me the warm and fuzzies like none of the others. It has my vote!”


The Princess Bride

Nina DeNigris: “It’s happily ever after with a laugh. It’s good for the Heart!”

Patti M: “It is just a sweet movie— one my kids was willing to watch over and over again.”

Liz Engel: ” ‘. . . As You Wish.’ The Farmboy/Dred Pirate Roberts character’s way of saying ‘I Love You.’ “

Jeannie Koo: “This movie has everything! Pirates, sword fights, miracles and true love. A story that lasts through the ages. . .”

Marti Beswick: “Most people probably wouldn’t consider “Princess Bride” in the “romantic movie” category,but it still warms my soul at the end. You see I don’t care for “chick flicks” per se—movies that cause my face to turn into a waterfall. But, this movie shows a romance that builds and builds until the end when they finally kiss. The narrator says , something like-“Since the invention of the kiss – their have been but 5 great passionate kisses in the world and theirs tops them all.”


Pretty Woman

Liz Conway: “Modern-day Cinderella story with great music, writing and oh did I forget to mention Richard Gere?”

Michelle Robertson: “It’s the adult take on of Cinderella.”

Nancy Francis: “It gives you hope to dream the impossible and have it come true.”

Pamela Bendall: “Richard Gere. I love any movie with him in it.”

Patricia Braun: “I like the idea of doing what you can to make a roof over your head and having some good things happen to improve the mental and physical circumstances. Some people treat each other with respect and the rest have no manners at all, but they have a rough time in life when they don’t.”

Harriet Hoffman: “It is romantic but not sappy. And you can’t beat that ending.”

Shaun Barber: “It is a classic and Richard Gere reminds me of my dad!”

Lynne Patterson: “Because Vivian turns her life around and snags her knight!”

Jaime Longoria: “Richard Gere’s character sees through her job to sweep her off her feet. He follows his heart.”

Mary Thorpe: “Just the whole story of it. How he rescues her in the end. Awesome!!!”



Ana Vice: “I love this movie because it is funny, the music is good, and it shows that love can be everlasting.”

Josephine DiGuido: “True love is timeless and knows no.boundaries.”

Carol Marrero: “Love does not end when the one you love is gone.”

Dody Viola: “Love outlasts everything.”

Barbara Thompson: “Nothing sexier or more loving than the pottery scene!”

Mickie Rooker: “So sweet and special, but funny too!”

Karen Lovett: “Because I believe love does exist after death, and spirits of our loved ones can and do protect us, comfort us, and never leave us.”


Say Anything

Carrie Chisholm: “There will never be another more romantic scene done than the one with John Cusack holding up the boom box outside the window as a serenade. Period.”

Bryan Artiles: “Made by a great writer/director, Cameron Crowe. The characters have strong chemistry. The story is able to be both serious and funny.”

Michael Strane: “It was time and place for me. I was in HS when it came out, and it was the first HS movie that treated teenagers as complete people, and treated the relationship with respect and not making a big joke about it. At the same time, aptly noting what WAS actually funny about high school and being that age. I think it still holds up well over 20 years later. All without being too precious or overly sappy and silly (except in a few moments).”


P.S. I Love You

Kathleen Ess: “What more could one want in a laugh & cry romance: locations both New York & Ireland; lovely Gerard Butler, James Marsters, Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Harry Connick Jr., as well as Hilary Swank, Gina Gershon & Kathy Bates? Shoes & a well-developed story! This is one of my all-time favorites.”

Caitlin Cameron: “Who doesn’t love knowing our loved ones are looking out for us even in their graves.”

Lindsay Galchick: “True love lasts an eternity.”

Lauren Dumaine: “Because it shows how even after death, love can live on and how although you still love the person, it is ok to move on. I love also the mystery behind the letters. Although it is sad, it is a wonderful movie about coping with loss.”

Misael de la Cruz: “Because it teaches how to be present in life.”

Martina Pavanic: “This movie is filled with compassion and sacrifices to bring memories of lost love. Even when circumstances take you away from your plans, you always find the way to return and climb up the hill. The true love never dies.”

Kristen Longoria: “First and foremost, who doesn’t love Gerard Butler? I mean, that man can pull off the accent, the devastatingly great looks and confidence like no other! His love was one that was comforting, sweet and consistent. He knew his prognosis, but was consistently worried about his wife and made sure that everything was to help her move on. Things like a lamp, finding a great job, going on an adventure, etc. were all ways that his love had shaped her every day life, and ways that she would miss but now has a way to hold on without it obstructing anything. Holly, played by Hilary Swank, plays the awkward, irrational and confused typical woman. Her feelings, thoughts and emotions are all so real and raw that the viewer can really connect. For this reason, I was sucked into their whole world and felt the loss, healing, laughter and every emotion in between. In my opinion, it captures the essence of grief and loss with the overlying theme of love being the most powerful tool of them all.”


Harold and Maude

Laura Knott: “Hands down, the loveliest story of two mismatched soulmates EVER.”

Meredith Schwartz: “Because the characters in it are triumphantly, gloriously, unapologetically weird, and they love that about themselves and in each other. Because it portrays having more than one romantic love, as well as more than one sexual relationship, in life as being okay and not taking anything away from the others. Because it has an unconventional happy ending.”


It’s A Wonderful Life

Jules Mekler: “I can’t think of a romantic movie (i.e., in which two people fall in love) that really speaks to me – perhaps I’m not very romantic, or perhaps I’m just a TV person. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is one of my (and the world’s) favorite films, but the love story between George and Mary is not the central theme. The movie isn’t a conventional romance, but a love story between George Bailey and Life—which I find more compelling.”

Suzanne Celebi: “This movie changed my life. Not only did it beautifully portray what love really is in all of its forms, it made me fall in love with life. And frankly, the telephone scene between Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed still makes me swoon.”


When a Man Loves a Woman

Carol Nissen: “A true tragedy when there is an addict in the marriage. What the character Andy Garcia plays does is nothing but heroic. He takes on his two little girls while mom is sobering up. Acknowledging the addiction and working through it, although separately, depicts LOVE. That the couple could come back together, as the movie suggests at the end, is inspirational for anyone who has gone or will go through addiction in a relationship. My heart melts when he tells everyone what he missed along the way. .  .”to listen, really listen.”

Stacey Marr: “Because it showed that you can love someone who is flawed and still be happy.”

Cindy Manley: “First of all, I am a huge fan of Andy Garcia. Meg Ryan does a wonderful job as well. I love this movie because it tells the story of a married couple who are able to save their marriage regardless of their circumstances. These are two people who truly love each other and are committed to each other and their children. Great flick!!”


Wuthering Heights

Stacey Bewkes: “A powerful and compelling tale of tragic romance that explores the true meaning of the term soul mates. It is a story not just of passion but also of revenge, class and prejudice as well as Bronte’s intense vision of the human psyche. Exquisitely directed by William Wyler, it so poignantly captures the fate of these doomed lovers and the powerful bond even they cannot destroy. Olivier is perfect as the rough-hewn. headstrong Heathcliff juxtaposed with Oberon’s beautiful ethereal Cathy. They are light and dark, day and night – opposites that attract and repel yet cannot exist without the other. This is simply one of the most romantic movies ever made, and I defy you to watch it without reaching for the Kleenex at the end of this masterpiece.”

Vickie Silvio: “The reason I love this movie/story is because no matter, who, what, money, influence, “class status” . . . when you love someone and they love you back there is absolutely nothing that will be a barrier for that love to be together . . . not even death!”


Out of Africa

Mary McDaniel: “Robert Redford and Meryl Streep made this movie epic.”

Gale Mueller: “Scenery, trials of life, friendship and love that stay the test of time.”

Laura Sweeney: “My husband and I watch this movie every Valentine’s Day. I love it because my husband shampooed my hair in a lake when we were out of electricity just like Robert Redford did for Meryl Streep!”

Karen Bradsell: “There are so many epic love stories, it was hard to pick one. This list will make a great start for a film library. Karen Blixen’s life in Africa was a story of a very courageous heroine. It enchants me every time I watch it. All of the elements for a great story are there: fabulous landscape, wonderful animals, exotic setting, beautiful home, wonderful love story, all of it true, not just a figment of someone’s imagination!”

Trudye Grunert: “Majestic.”

Debbie Kuhlenschmidt: “This story resonates with me because it brings two people, who are vastly different together. and through the course of their relationship it shows their love growing despite their differences. By the end of the story you see how they have influenced each other and how the beauty of love helps broaden one’s perspective rather than diminish it.”

Andrea Acker: “The setting of this movie and the soundtrack move me to tears each time I see it. The story of Isak Dinesen is one of a strong woman, wronged by the man she is married to, left alone to make a productive life for herself. She meets and falls in love with an independent man who commits to her in a very untraditional way. Together their love story explores the themes of love, trust, independence , romance, all set against the dramatic and breathtaking vistas of Africa. Meryl Streep plays the lead role—enough said!!”

E.S. Witthoeft: “An epic love story set across a sweeping panorama of changing times. In the end, Isak Dinesen understood that while she loved well, she never “owned” Denys Finch Hatton — and that the best love is love on its own terms.”


The Thomas Crown Affair

Patricia Davies: “I love everything about it.”

Debra Hunter: “Romance, thrills, and Pierce Brosnan all in one film, how can you beat that? The cat-and-mouse game played by Pierce and Renee Russo is sexy and suspenseful; The Thomas Crown Affair is a film that makes me want to be the heroine and be with the hero. Also, Renee’s Michael Kors wardrobe is a wonder to behold. So much in this film to fantasize about (if this doesn’t get you in the mood, nothing will). Bonus is the happy ending which is a must for me in a romantic movie.”


You’ve Got Mail

Kristin Kostecki: “Because it was one of the first movies I saw with my husband (because it is his we met).”

Pamela Lutrell: “New York in the fall and spring, coffee shops, bookstores, seasons, and loving someone you least expect to love! Add in some daisies and it is, well, perfect!”

Carol Jameson: “It’s mostly Tom Hanks. You can’t help falling in love with him. Meg and Hank did it without e-harmony.”

Tammy Ramirez: “I identify with this. Being single in today’s day and age is difficult at best and the thing to do nowadays is to meet someone online. I have BEEN THERE DONE THAT. I know that anticipation of that first meeting, being nervous, not really knowing who you are looking for. It just always makes me smile.”

Brenda Griffith: “I love You’ve Got Mail because it captures all the excitement of meeting the love of your life online, and anticipating every email. I met my sweetie like that, corresponded with him for 6 months and married him. We are still together and have two beautiful children. The move brings back all the memories of that precious time of getting to know each other through email.”

Alison Rose: “The themes of small town shops vs. corporate giant combined with old world charm battling modern world business pulls at my heart strings. Meg Ryan in everything with her pouty face, blonde hair and blue eyes. I love his movie.”

Melissa Weiner: “A funny, well written, sometimes touching love story, as well as a love letter to children’s books, New York City, and love letters themselves (or at least love e-mail).”

Betty Griffith: “So sweet and could actually, and probably does, happen often.”

Elizabeth Turner: “Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Great lines and pure delight.”



Laura Treviño: “I love the way Love and Family concepts are performed by all the characters. And the music is lovely and unforgettable!”

Pat Gericke: “It’s a romance with two couples, Cher falling for another man and her mother, who is flirting and who opens her eyes to the love she is mentally renewing for her husband. It crosses the generation of romance and courting. It’s a win/win!!”

Eleanor Dienstag: “The movie is a comic meditation on love at all ages and in all forms. It encompasses sexual passion, married love, and men who wander. The acting is perfect and the depiction of Italian family life is also hilariously on target.”


City of Angels

Xochilt Galeano: “I love the way he looks at her!!!”

Katya De Tourtoulon: “Simply because it makes you believe in angels and love again.”

Leonardo Ibarra: “Meg Ryan was just the most lovely actress when performing this role. The music was perfect.”

Toni Barclay: “He gave up everything to be with her. She learned to truly love and gave him everything to live for. In the end there is always love and loss and memories.”


Truly, Madly, Deeply

Helen Holtby: “Alan Rickman is one perfectly good reason, and the movie is funny and clever. The music is lovely (I have a bit of a thing for the cello!). Although it is sad, it is generous and kind in the end.”

Jane Brideson: “It speaks of loving and letting go, which has been part of my own life. And it features Alan Rickman :)”

Joel Lutterman: “Loss, love, longing, pain, love, recovery. It’s got it all. Written and directed in 1990 by Anthony Minghella. And starring Alan Rickman.”


Sound of Music

Mary Jo Witte: “Romantic, beautiful, true to the Catholic faith, lovely music.”

Martina Flynn: “The scene where Maria and the Captain dance the Lendler together…oh, the shivers when they look at each other and realize they’re in love.”



Sickvic Tipton: “It’s a romantic movie that a man can stand to watch.”

Destiny Chau: “Courage to fight against injustice. Love can thrive in the most unlikely places. Life goes on regardless of fear and pain. Good looking guys in the movie.”


Two for the Road

Ana Sayre: “I love Audrey Hepburn!! This movie portrays a couple starting on how they met, their relationship and financial struggles and how financial success tore them apart, almost! It is a movies from the 60s.”

Judith Stansky: “Albert Finney and Audrey Hepburn in a loving, hating, sad, funny and all too real marriage–I’ve stayed up til 3am to see this one.”


Message in a Bottle

Belinda Stewart: “The book, the story.”

Kimberly Kimball: “First off, the man Kevin. Second, one of those movies you lose yourself in and actually feel part of the movie.”


Dan in Real Life

Barbara Ruh: “Steve Carrell is a widower with three daughters who falls for Juliette Binoche’s character, only to find out she’s just started dating his brother. His wonderfully close extended family is spending the weekend at the grandparent’s coastal home, which complicates it all. The characters are believable, the music is quirky and fun. and the scenery is amazing. A trifecta love story!”


Hope Floats

Christine Magee: “Can’t go wrong with Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr.!”

Kelly McCauley: “I love it because it shows that after tragedy you can still find love and life goes on.”


Silver Linings Playbook

Patricia Cardenas: “I like the movie because out of illness and doing the hard work love was found.”



Terry Madsen: “This true story of C.S. Lewis’ marriage to Joy Gresham (after years of being content as a bachelor) is a gentle and poignant film that reminds us that above all True Love always seeks first the happiness of the other person. We find out more about ourselves when we must care for a spouse especially in times of sickness and pain, and these feelings are masterfully portrayed in the film by Anthony Hopkins and Deborah Winger.”


Jerry McGuire

Durga Sptaru: “Well, besides being the first movie I watched with my future husband, who can forget ‘you complete me’?”


Mulholland Drive

Sophie Walters: “Oh, this is a wild card: a David Lynch movie as a romance? This is a strange, twisting, layered movie that has a tragic secret at its heart – a love affair gone terribly wrong, a crime committed, desperate remorse. A woman sees a vision of her murdered lover and whispers, “Camilla, you’ve come back” – this line in its context makes me cry every time I hear it. This is not an easy film to watch, but it rewards patient viewing. Deep, mysterious, bewildering, puzzling, and built upon layers, this movie demands that you decipher a puzzle that will remain with you for a long, long time.”


She’s All That

Teri Beardsley: “I like movies where the underdog wins in the end. I liked that the “jock” saw the “nerdy” girl for what she was. She was a beautiful soul.”


Now, Voyager

Tracy Johnston: “Bette Davis at her best.”

Jennifer Connolly: “Bette’s transformation was nothing short of of miraculous. Who couldn’t fall in love with this story?”


Love is a Many-Splendored Thing

Janet Bell: “Because it showed that love disregards superficial cultural biases.”


Baby Boom

Pier Mcconnell: “A great love story. . . adorable baby too!”


Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Jean Towne: “Hilarious.”


Jane Eyre

Karen Mehiel: “For its beautiful atmospheric staging and the chemistry between Michael Fassbender and Mia Wasikowska. It’s a go-to classic.”


One Fine Day

Chrissy Leitenberger: “It is such a sweet love story. I love that it involves both of their children :).”



Jennifer Cheyne: “Even though this is not very feminist of me, I love the film Rebecca above all others because the new Mrs. Max de Winter is tortured by her insecurities, especially over Max’s first wife Rebecca, and I don’t know about everyone else, but I tend to have that comparison bug in me too, so I could identify completely with her every feeling. Eventually, all the assumptions that each will never really be accepted by the other – all of it vanishes when the truth is revealed. She was all he ever really wanted, and knowing this, she has the confidence to step into her power as his equal. That, plus fog and the mysterious sea, and the film clung to my psyche like a vivid dream.”


Brief Encounter

Rose Marshall: “A tale of love that could happen to any of us with actors who could be any of us. Timeless.”

Peggy Cone: “This is an achingly sad and sweet love story for adults.”

Deborah Harkins: “A love story for grownups. The sweetness and dignity of the would-be lovers provoke melancholy. Too decent to renounce their humdrum spouses, they are—heartbreakingly—robbed even of their passionate farewell by a clueless, chattering busybody.”



Maria Andrade: “Hitchcock black and white classic with Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant, which tells all about love in a second: a glance in a plane about to land in Rio. Has amazing staircase scenes, Bergman´s beauty, style and wardrobe are to die for. Amazing last line by Cary Grant “It’s not my heartache” and it ends well!

Jane McLaughlin: “Notorious has everything a great movie should have: great actors, beautiful locations, danger and intrigue. Plus romance.”

Nora Brossard: “The combination of suspense and romance is irresistible is this spy thriller, with the fate of western democracy hanging in the balance. The sexual chemistry between the two stars is explosive. If I had to be carried to safety down a flight of stairs past glowering Nazis, who better than Cary Grant?”


The Long, Long Trailer

Nancy Weber: “Lucy & Desi’s first feature film (1953), wherein they spend a calamitous honeymoon dropping eggs and nearly driving off cliffs in their cozy home away from home, proves that laughter conquers all & love isn’t far behind a pratfall. Just thinking about it makes me feel so romantic, I think I’ll rent it for Valentine’s Day. Ogod—what if Himself doesn’t laugh—or I don’t?”


The Seventh Veil

Wendl Kornfeld: “James Mason playing the ultimate Dark Brooder, fabulous piano music, and heart-stopping (sigh!) final scene.”


A Man and a Woman

Natalie Rapoport: “Love this timeless movie filmed in 1966 and starring iconic Anouk Aimee and Jean-Louis Trintignant.  Unforgettable musical score by Francis Lai is one of the most recognizable movie tunes ever. The romantic story of tragic and happy memories, happy chance and love. And no tears at the finale. Happy end!”

Margaretta Colt: Two attractive people who have loved and lost and suddenly are ready to love again. The sound track is still wonderful. as is the whole thing.”



Quita McMath: “It stars Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, and Paris. what could be better?”

Susanne Turner: “I love the chemistry between Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. They were a great couple in this movie!”


I Know Where I’m Going

Rebecca Sharpe: “The 1945 English classic from Powell & Pressburger starring Wendy Hiller and Roger Livesey. Because we don’t always know where we’re going, but our hearts do.”


Waterloo Bridge

Jenny Preston: “It combines great romance with great female friendship.”


Dangerous Beauty

Heather Turi: “I loved the period, the poetry, and their love story.”


The Philadelphia Story

Roz Warren: “I’ve seen it over a dozen times and it never gets old. My favorite actors, some great, funny lines and a happy ending. What’s not to love?”


A Room With A View

Anna Rivera: “Subtly passionate.”

Francesca MacAaron: “It’s about defying convention for the sake of love, and making choices that honor your heart, passion and freedom (your room with a view.) And it’s utterly gorgeous to watch!”


A Star is Born

Jeff Fergerson: “My high school love and I saw this movie and “Evergreen” was our song.”



Kelley Nash: “Because I believe in fate.”

Andrea Hiebert: “I don’t have the words to describe why I love it, I just do. It is such a feel good romantic comedy that makes me believe in fate.”


Swept Away

Mary Kelly Selover: “This movie, directed by female director Lina Wertmuller, with Giancarlo Giannini, is super sexy. (He certainly is!) The gender warfare adds lots of sparks!”


Romeo & Juliet

Billie Belshan: “You get swept up by the feelings of the couple. Their attraction is instant. They don’t care about past hurts and are so hopeful that their love can mend the rift in their families. You feel their pain when they realize that the other has died (or thought to have died). I actually love the recent version with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. Still has the old language but more modern so you can figure out what is going on most of the time. The pretty faces are a plus as well ;)”


Romeo & Juliet (Zeffirelli, 1968)

Alexandra MacAaron: “Beautiful young stars (who can actually read Shakespeare, unlike those in a couple of more recent versions), doomed love, wasted youth, the costumes, the setting, the music (OMG, the music!). Basically, I start crying when they meet because I know how it all ends. Most romantic movie ever — audible sigh.”


Walk the Line

Hugo Carabajal: “Watching Johnny Cash and all his personal struggles, how he never lost sight of his love for June. How he found redemption in June. After all the years that they spent struggling too define their love, in the end they found peace and love with each other.”


A Walk in the Clouds

Dr. Syed Aqeel Hussain: “A very romantic and passionate story.”

Jennifer Partridge: “It’s nice to see someone do what’s right in relationships.”


A Walk to Remember

Jakeline Vaz: Love beyond adversities.”


For Whom the Bell Tolls

Connie Lenihan: “Gary Cooper!”


Burnt by the Sun

A. Kaiser: “I have come back to this movie time and time again for its placing of personal love and loves against the backdrop of a historically tumultuous period, the Russian Revolution. The film brings into it romantic love, love for one’s family, love for one’s country and for life itself. In short, it denotes both the ecstatic and tragic aspects of passion.”


The Piano

Jane Kanizay: “The love story was told without words, through actions, beautiful cinematography and wonderful music.”


The Vow

Lauren Morasse: “Despite the obstacles in their way, the couple fights for each other and true love prevails.”


Jatt te Juliat

Imran Javed: “Romantic story.”


Safety Not Guaranteed

Christina Wood: “Original and quirky, this movie is hilarious. Odd romance plot. although convincing through its actors, script and direction.”


Same Time Next Year

Maryann Gaughan: “Follows the love of a couple over many years and shows their personal growth as well as their growth as a couple.”


Coming to America

Parwana Shah: “A family friendly romantic comedy that can be enjoyed by any sex, age or nationality.”


Becoming Jane

Jeanette Archbold: “Because there isn’t much that stirs the romantic in me, this story of love lost just tears at my heart. Anne Hathaway portrays a perfect Jane Austen and James McAvoy her love interest! It’s heartbreaking to think that Jane chose to let the love of her life go so he could financially support his family! On that note, I may just have to watch it again tonight, where are the tissues?”


The Proposal

Jackie Gonzalez: “Love the actors. It’s funny. Great storyline.”

Rob Sparks: “The humor! The cast is great. You can never go wrong with Betty White, Sandra Bullock, and Ryan Reynolds.”


The African Queen

Cecilia Ford: This film is special because it shows that romance can be sparked between the most unlikely people in the least likely places, but when it does, it gives you the power to do anything. Beautifully cast, both Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart give two of the best performances of their careers, and the movie manages to succeed as an adventure story and a comedy as well as a love story.”


As Good As It Gets

Jill O’Donnell: “Can’t beat Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton! Rich, old guy has plenty of 20 year olds chasing him, including Diane Keaton’s daughter, but ends up falling in love with the woman as old as he is, Diane Keaton. Full of laughs and heart-felt moments that will produce tears!”


Vanilla Sky

Evgeni Suslin: “I like it because it puts you in a philosophical mood, gives an understanding of how quickly life can dramatically change and you may lose everything that you considered a part of you – but it really is not. Only friends and love are mainstays of our life . . . “


The End of the Affair

Kathleen Treat: “Julianne Moore is superb in a difficult role. Movie is true to the FABULOUS Graham Greene novel: London during the Blitz. Sex for grown-ups and a man’s obsession with the woman he loves.”


The Fountain

Kathleen Griffin: “Love lasts through time.”


Portrait of Jenny

Ellen Sue Spicer-Jacobson: “This old movie with Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotton & Ethel Barrymore takes us back & forth in time with magical reality. Jennifer Jones plays a young girl growing up into a lovely woman whom Joseph Cotton falls in love with, but cannot save her from what he knows is coming. His unrequited love is in the portrait he paints of her that is displayed at the end of the movie, demonsttrating that love lives outside of time and space.”


Love Jones

Sheryl Thomas: “It’s a classic love story showing the ups and down of relationships, insecurity, and true love.”

Tamara Wright: “I love this movie because it shows you how not to be selfish. Showing that it’s OK to sacrifice something for someone else and showing you can have a lot of fun in a relationship.”


Funny Girl

Mary Reed: “Streisand. Music. And the terrible conflict between loving a man and loving one’s art.”


Dr. Zhivago

Patricia Ribaudo: “In an exquisite, beautiful setting featuring outstanding actors the movie reveals the enormous complexities of love, loving and falling in love where passion is but one manifestation of the profound depths of this uniquely human and often involuntary experience.”

Janey Ann Dew: “This story about enduring love in the most difficult of times is heart wrenching. Set against stunning scenery with music that sings to your soul, the beauty and sorrow always makes me weep.”

Babs Elliott: “The love between Lara and Yuri prevails throughout their lives despite so many misfortunes.”

Lori Grassmyer: “Wow! It’s Russia, it’s war, it’s love!!”


Leap Year

Adriana Soares: “It shows that you can fall in love with someone that apparently has nothing to do with you; with different views, lifestyle and culture. It also, allows you to re-think what really matters in life. Leap Year was filmed in Ireland, that by itself is romantic.”

Joan Falcigno: “A movie with Amy Adams and Matthew Goode, a romantic comedy about their journey through the Irish countryside so that Amy’s character can reach her boyfriend. Her hope is to propose to him on leap year according to Irish tradition. Instead she falls in love with Matthew’s character. She discovers through their time together that what she thought was important to a relationship and a lifetime with someone isn’t really what she needed or wanted.”


The Last of the Mohicans

Kathy Leeds: “Incredible chemistry.”

Doreen Banks: “Daniel Day Lewis and Madeline Stowe are so perfect together. They are in a stressful, war time situation, he’s totally from a different culture but admires her spirit and stoic qualities. She abandons her safe life and adoring soldier/fiance , challenges her father’s values based on her own experiences. She faces extreme danger and has confidence he will come and rescue her. It’s a great romance and excellent, believable chemistry. The music really enhances their emotional intensity.”


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Catherine Patsos: “It’s been an all-time favorite movie of mine. Something I could relate to in my younger years.”

Kristin Mardis: “A great classic.”

Amanda Fagan: “Every little girl wants to be Audrey Hepburn, so lovely and funny in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Holly Golightly is glamorous but deep down lonely, and finds love with her new neighbor and a cat.”


Return to Me

Karen Albanesi: “Renewal of life.”

John Fillagree: “This movie is funny and romantic in all the right places. It isn’t completely unrealistic. It shows the power of hope over despair and the power of love.”

Claire Billing: “It’s set in my home town of Chicago across the street from where my mother lived as a child. The grandfather and his cronies are just like my dad and his brothers and cousins – playing cards, bowling, etc. Lincoln Park Zoo – my very favorite place in Chicago is an important element of the story. The family is devout Catholic – as I was brought up. Jim Belushi who plays the leading lady’s best friend’s husband is the same type of guy in the film as my brother. The leading man loses a spouse, as have I. The couple later find each other in Italy – another all-time favorite place of mine. And the love story is unlikely and contrived and sentimental, but I loved it anyway. When I first saw it at the cinema, I said to my friend “They made this film for me,” and that is why I love it. So do my 29 and 31 year old daughters. Thank you.”


Random Harvest

Mary Faucher: “Wonderful actors (Ronald Colman, Greer Garson), a preposterous plot (involving amnesia), but I defy anyone to be dry-eyed at the end.”



Jon Berg: “‘Cashback’ is an amazing Indie flick that focuses more on the photography and perspective elements of good filmmaking. While it is a very good story, it appeals to both men and women, and has a more intelligent story. Some of the cinematography is simply amazing, especially the end scene!”


Cinema Paradiso

Michael Zorek: “I think “Cinema Paradiso” is the perfect blend of romance and truth. It speaks not just of love of people, but of friendship and the sacrifices that one must make in order to succeed. The film is wonderful, the love is wonderful, the friendship is beautiful ,and the music will live with you forever!”



Cortney Bartemus: “Most romantic movies have a story line where two people who fall in love, but this movie is about a married couple falling in love again. It’s different than the usual, and very good!”

Maria Frausto: “This movie shows us that in order for a marriage to work, you never leave your partner behind! [Shows] the real-life issues facing marriages and that it is possible to overcome them!”



Jane Parkes: “Nothing like unrequited love to stir the heart.”


Love and Other Drugs

Andrijana Trajkova: “It’s realistic.”


The Holiday

Ann Dillman: “It was a wonderful take on how love does it’s own thing. The characters were adorable.”

Karena Albert: “Perhaps because I just saw it over the holidays and it is a reminder to take a chance in life!
Love so many of the movies mentioned!”

Christina Sanders: “Watching Jude Law, Camerón Díaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black fall in love after having being hurt in previous relationships renews my belief that true love can be found. And there are all cool holiday songs too!”

Anne Crowley: “I love the story line of finding romance when not looking for it. The movie’s settings were glorious and Jude Law was easy on the eyes.”


Notting Hill

Liz Schulzke: “I love the setting–a book shop in the sweetest part of London, the house with a blue door. It’s sweet and funny.”

Mary Carpenter: “The combination of characterization and the stars in the movie. I love Julia Roberts and Hugh.”


Blue Velvet

Colleen Kapklein: “Because if you can see that on a date with someone and you agree it was a good night out: that’s love!”


Bridget Jones’s Diary

Melissa Serviss: “I watched this movie while in my twenties and could really identify with the main character. I found her completely and utterly ridiculous but so believable and relatable. I loved how she found true love with Mark Darcy and he loved her even despite her spastic nature.”

Frances Archer: “Colin Firth! Already loved the book, so it was easy to love the movie. It’s in the screwball comedy tradition which is light and fun.”

Jeanne Hallgren: “Happily ending involving Colin Firth.”

Nancy Teed: “Several reasons! It was a love story. The main character is fun, quirky and is not perfect. There is tons of comedy in it and it is not overly sappy. Hugh Grant is in it. Colin Firth is in it. They are both love interests. Colin Firth has the greatest ugliest Christmas sweater. Colin Firth “likes her just the way she is”! Love this movie!”

Sara Willmore: “It’s a romantic comedy about an everyday girl and her struggle to find love. She is hilariously funny and very easy to relate to with the comments she says and thinks and the situations she finds herself in, but gives you hope that anyone can find love.”


Despicable Me, 2

Roy Morris: “Ex-con who once stole the moon and who has three little girls to care for finds his wife-to-be in an agent who enlisted his help finding a really bad guy. Can you say lipstick taser!”


The English Patient

Nancy Davis: “Two reasons: First, love is not always a happy ending. Secondly, cherish the moment. Health and peace are critical components of happiness that we often do not appreciate until they are gone.”

Danielle Rector: “So many romantic scenes, my fav. . . Kip. Creating the most romantic date ever for Hana, laying a path of votives leading to a crumbling cathedral. He places her in a harness and she floats along the frescos, taking it all in. Amazing.”

Christine Petersen: “It draws you in from the opening credits showing the drawings in the journal of the cave drawings. His love for her, hidden away in his book, until the night covered in sand! The way she sneaks away to see him. The exotic setting of old Cairo, how he loves her until the very end of his life.”

Carol Ruggeri: “Hauntingly beautiful and evocative. heartbreaking in it’s portrayal of a love that runs deep in the hearts of the main characters.”

Joie Scott: “Saw this movie at the impressionable age of 24 and had never quite seen love portrayed in such an honest, all-consuming way. The women in this film are so strong and independent. I was haunted by the beautiful people, beautiful cinematography and epic story lines well after the movie ended.”


Something’s Gotta Give

Mary Loging: “In addition to the subject matter of finding a true love, the acting of Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson puts this movie over the top! Yes, Nicholson’s character can be a pompous ass, but his expression in showing off his grandchild at the end of the movie is the perfect touch demonstrating the blessing of family and love.”

Shirley Harrison: “Gorgeous house located on the beach with delightful performances by Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson, and Keanu Reeves. What could be better ingredients for a romantic comedy? Oh yes, and Paris at the end!”


Dracula (Francis Ford Coppola)

Magdalena Komorek: “The cruel and cynical monster’s capability of true tenderness moves me more than any romantic comedy chase after “the one”.”


The Wedding Date

Rafid Hameed: “You can meet the true love and the perfect person for you without previous arrangement.”


Cold Mountain

Elizabeth Novick: “Best movie kiss of all time.”


August Rush

Wegdam Abou Amer: “First movie I watched with ICHF team in Libya. Shows that people can do amazing things.”


True Romance

Kevin Cooper: “Because the characters would do anything to keep their love alive.”

Megan Malvern: “Nobody’s perfect.”


Bringing Up Baby

Elizabeth Hemmerdinger: “This laugh-out-loud silly movie has the perfect title for this initiative. Laughing out loud together is the most romantic thing – delighting in something together just knocks it out of the park for me. And there ain’t nothin’ like Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant being head over heels in love and not knowing it.”


The Best Years of Our Lives

Kathy Grantham: “This 1946 film, frequently cited as one of the best ever, is a commentary about post-WWII America; a perhaps counter-intuitive choice for the best romantic movie. however, I find myself quoting an exchange between Myrna Loy and Theresa Wright (mother and daughter) about love and marriage that has helped me and others, and is far more edifying than the typical romantic fluff. thanks for asking!”


Before Sunrise

Liz Piccione-Volger: “I love the dialog. It really shows two people getting to know each other and the location is a just as much a character in the movie as Julie and Ethan.”


In the Mood for Love

Fiona Finn: “A beautiful meditation on love and longing, Wong Kar-wai’s film is both sensual and aesthetic.”


Sense and Sensibility

Karen Bunch: “I love Emma Thompson’s Elenor and the way she accepts she may never marry.”

Erica Traub: “Lizzie! Strong woman lead who knows what she is looking for and will not settle for less despite what is expected of her by her family and society! She is smart, independent and not just going to give in.”


What’s Up Doc

Joan Allison: “A very funny movie, but also rather sweetly romantic.”


The Holiday

Carol Jameson: “This one has it all! Love, Silliness, Fear, Loneliness, Doubt, and Hope. One of the many great lines: “I’m looking for corny in my life.”


Family Man

Don Pirtle: “How much more important it is to follow your heart than to increase your net worth.”


Desk Set

Rose Fox: “It’s the quintessential nerd romance! A librarian and a computer programmer, trading quips and falling in love: sounds like everyone I know. I’d love to see a remake starring Wanda Sykes and Margaret Cho as Tracy and Hepburn, respectively.”


Under the Tuscan Sun

Kathy Dillmeier: “Italy, Family, FOOD.”

Gina Podolan: “Divorced, heartbroken woman finds a magical new life while renovating an old villa in Italy. Diane Lane falls in love with HERSELF! Best love story . . .”

Cindy Connors: “Beautiful combination of scenery and romance, both fantastic.”


The Bird Cage

Susan Horsey: “I love this movie because it beautifully shows what people are willing to do for the ones they love: a father for his son, a partner for his partner and a fiancee for his beloved. Although the examples may not be traditional, the strength of their cinematic love is palpable.”


Rabbit Proof Fence

Tania Farrugia: “It is a true story of the great bond and love of a sister, who tries so hard to reconnect with her sister and tribe.”


While You Were Sleeping

Ginger Gualco: “Love the story, funny and sweet.”


An Officer and a Gentleman

Sally Wilmshurst: “Something for the boys as well as the girls. I wanted to be swept off my feet by Richard Gere. Even though he is as old as the hills now, he gets better with age!”


The Lucky One

Roslyn R: “Easy to agree that holding onto a “good luck charm” while fighting in a war overseas is beneficial for the psyche. Heartwarming to watch him find his mystery lucky charm and really fall in love with her. Love the emotion and personal interactions in this movie!”


Deliver Us From Eva

Donald Fitzgerald: “The movie tells us what men have to go through with women sometimes.”


Open Range

Dora Cardillo: ” “I’m in love with you, Sue.” and other great lines. Super movie!”



Kashinda Robinson: “That ten-minute sequence that tells the couples whole love life story was so beautifully done that I was moved to tears. I.Never.Cry. It was more of a heartfelt love story then just about anything I’ve seen in cinema.”



Ella Callahan: “Juliette Binoche stars as the artisan Vianne, whose ingenuity and craft produce chocolates that are mouthwatering works of art that are savored, even lusted after. You will find love in every guise in this story.”


French Kiss

Lesley Butler: “They are both flawed in their own particular, peculiar ways and both kind and noble toward each other in ways I feel as if you don’t always see in film.”



Jan Rasmussen: ” “Contact,” romantic? Growing up I was fascinated with the prospect of extraterrestrial life, and this movie perfectly portrayed my wish, my desire, and my life’s goals. My talent was art, not math or astrophysics, but I still live my dream every time I watch this movie.”


Roman Holiday

Joanna Balan: “Not all stories have happy endings the way we expect them to turn out. We should appreciate all the little moments with the ones we love now.”

Ro Howe: “Though it depicts romance limned with enchantment and a wash of innocence, without any gratuitous salaciousness, the story is hung on a gracefully disguised infrastructure of the inevitable angst of the loss of childlike gaiety. Forging growth through exploration and past delight, into the recognition and responsibility of adulthood, it is a fairy story told in reverse, with attendant moral attached. Starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, this self-styled 1953 comedy played its pretty princess tale invisibly hemmed in elegant truth.”


Kate and Leopold

Lenka Walldroff: “Hugh Jackman’s character makes me swoon.”

Lauralee Wiltsie: “I loved the fantasy and time travel and who wouldn’t fall for Leopold?”



Mary Scott: “Very sweet in any language.”


Phantom of the Opera

Dawn Waarich: “THE love story.”


The Way We Were

Natalie Millner: “Reminded me of my greatest love.”

Kathy Harrell: “Love Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand and now that I know how it ends, I start crying halfway through every time I watch it.”

Ellen Fried: “Two of my favorite actors, Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand, star in this film. I remember the story resonating with me because of Streisand’s portrayal of a young Jewish woman dealing with issues of identity and love for someone from a very different background.”


Singing in the Rain

Elissa Rogovin: “I love the cast, the humor, the music and the all around happy feeling I get when I watch it!”



Rhonda Putt: “The song—the time.”


A Lion in Winter

Lauren Embling: “I love the wry, witty, bitter affection between Katharine Hepburn’s Eleanor of Aquitaine and Peter O’Toole. Their love isn’t nice or attractive but it’s interesting commentary on how mature love can change and grow.”


Leap Year

Joyce Gilpin: “Impossible possibilities.”


The Wedding Planner

Stephanie Cherry: “The helper ends up getting married.”



D. A. Wolf: “”Indiscreet” is a 1958 film pairing Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant 12 years after their more well-known, “Notorious.” Theirs is a romantic relationship between “middle-aged” adults, both with thriving careers, and no need for the woman to compromise hers in a set of charming plot twists that of course have a happy ending. I watch and re-watch happily, and Bergman and Grant are always delightful. Fantastic idea, and many thanks to the anonymous donor.”



Michael Ruppe: “Hope. Unconditional love. Value.”


Beauty & the Beast

Bennet Gold: “Just a nice movie that I saw with my family, and to see how my children enjoyed it made it even more special.”


How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Andrea Vice: “I love this movie because it has the perfect amount of love and humor. It makes me laugh, smile and cry. . . sometimes even at the same time. It’s one of those classics that I can watch over and over again and never get sick of.” 

Kelly Huynh: “Funny Love Comedy. It is a sweet and fun movie.”


Enough Said

Marsha Harris: “It was James Gandolfini’s last film. Totally real & believable and totally touching. About love the 2nd time around.”



Chris Clay: “My number one movie of all time. It is a very realistic and totally unsentimental look at a long-married, (very much still in love) couple dealing with aging and the decline of one partner. The actors are famous French actors who are simply fantastic. A mesmerizing and thought-provoking film. The depth and extent of true love are revealed in this film. But have a box of tissue at hand, you will need it.”



Elaine Gorman: “I loved the suspense of Guineviere’s arrival to marry a man she had never met! she meets him not knowing that he is the one she is to wed! They have a lovely wedding and many years of happiness! But someone comes in between them! She loves them both!”


Annie Hall

Kelly R: “Even when it ends, memories live on.”


Ever After

Chris A: “Who doesn’t love a Cinderella story?”



Bonnie Ruff: “It was a quiet and impossible love, an attraction of admiration that both parties knew would never lead to anything more. She was married and she loved her husband. You could tell by the facial expressions and the kindness that there could have been a wonderful romantic love between her and Shane if circumstances had been different, but they were both too moral to give in to it. I believe they continued to love each other nevertheless, even though he knew he had to leave.”


A New Leaf

Sharon Nanez: “An old classic. . . the best.”


West Side Story

Kathleen Fenton: “It’s the best! Sweet, innocent, and it has great music. It’s the only movie that makes me cry every time.”


Slumdog Millionaire

Edward Odquina: “After all the peril, and obstacles, LOVE triumphs over ALL.”



Robin Paine: “Her family rejected Captain Wentworth’s proposal. He comes back into her life under very changed circumstances. She has withered, he is now successful and wealthy and appears to pursue a silly young relative by marriage. The erotic build-up in their rekindling is so tentative that when, after some shocking shenanigans on the part of tarnished others, they finally touch hands at the end and kiss. What can I say? He is played by Irish actor Ciaran Hinds.”


Love in the Afternoon

S. Wong: “Audrey Hepburn’s character is so strong and the movie very racy for its time.”


Bill Durham

Adrian Miller: “Kevin Costner when he was hot and Susan Sarandon steam up the screen.”


Somewhere in Time

John Rosini: “The mystic of the Grand Hotel, 1912 & time travel all pursued by a compulsive man in love !.”

Lucy Lowry: “Love crosses barrier of time.”

Bikk Nicotra: “Time travel for love. Took place in the 20’s.”


Umbrellas of Cherbourg

Carol Arrington: “So romantic – the colors of the clothes coordinated with the sets, the dialogue sung to the Michel le Grande music. I also thought the story well acted with a very bittersweet believable ending. I had a singer guitarist perform some of the songs at my wedding on Feb. 13th.”

Tim Jerome: “What’s not to love!”



Ruth Sklar:”First of all, the movie is funny and delightful to watch. The characters are carefully crafted and the humor of some of the interactions is great fun. I also prefer a “happy ending” though it may seem trite to some. There is enough to fret about and a movie for me, should be an escape.”

Debbie Horbachewski: “Because ‘Paris is always a good idea.’ “


Fabulous Baker Boys

Barbara Conklin: “It just inspired me  in 1989.”


Down to You

Elizabeth Glasgow: “The story line is just great and it makes me happy every time I see the movie!”


Good Old Summertime

Sharon Sylvester: “Judy Garland is the star & I love her. It is the original ” You’ve Got Mail.” I love the tension between the main characters.”


Fifty First Dates

Victoria Medina: “Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore) had a terrible accident that left her with short term memory loss and every morning when she wakes she does not remember the events of the previous day. Harry Roth (Adam Sandler) falls in love with her and everyday he finds a new way to meet her and fall in love until the spiritual bond is stronger than her short term memory loss. It is beautiful and charming. The film highlights a very serious mental condition with such wit and laughter which I found very endearing.”



Monica Schnitger: “Summertime is a love story between an American woman, taking the vacation of a lifetime, and an Italian antique dealer,  but also between the audience and Venice.”



Patti Gibbons: “The dance scene in the barn, to Sam Cooke’s “Wonderful World”. Gets me every time.”


Sweet November

Leo AJX: “Touches me deep in my soul.”


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