We’ve noted several times that the Academy ignored women in its Best Director nominees, including those who directed the movies nominated for Best Picture. But those weren’t the only woman-directed pictures to be nominated. On Sunday, we have two women to root for  in the international category.

In a Better World, directed by Susanne Bier (left), about a refugee camp in Denmark for those fleeing civil war in Africa, won the Golden Globe last month–giving it a slight edge for Best Foreign Film. We won’t be able to root for Tambien la lluvia (Even the Rain), about a film crew caught up in riots in Bolivia, which was on the January shortlist but didn’t make the final cut of five international nominees , but we’re still rooting for its director,  celebrated Spanish actor-director Iciar Bollain (right) We wish we’d been offered screeners of both films, but we’ll still be keeping an eye out to see how Bier’s film stands up to more publicized international favorites like Biutiful, Dogtooth and Incendies. And we hope these directors are seated close enough to Debra Granik and Lisa Cholodenko for a few daps of solidarity.

Susanne Bier’s In a Better World:


Iciar Bollain’s Tambien la lluvia/Even the Rain:

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