Meconopsis "Huntfield"


At the Chelsea Flower Show, the most prestigious nurseries display their plants in the Great Pavilion which is the heart of the Chelsea Show Grounds and of the show itself. At least 20 new plants are introduced each year with great fanfare at Chelsea, and there are gardeners who are horticulture fashion conscious and dedicated to having the latest introductions in their gardens. The Royal Horticulture Society also gives an award for the best new plant of the year. The nurseries present plants of such excellence that all of the plant growers receive gold medals each year!

The Royal Horticulture Society's Plant of the Year: Anemone "Wild Swan"

This new lilly hybrid is is named "Kushi Maya."

Another contender was Lewisia "Little Mango."

The judges evaluating plants to be judged against perfection!

Buds are wrapped to prevent blooming prior to the judging when the temperature rises.

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