Meredith Davies Hadaway’s meditation on the coming season is a prayer, a promise, and a reminder that it is up to us to bring heat to a cold season. Because she is, as we have mentioned before, a woman who believes in slowing down to really notice what’s around her, there is no doubt but that her fires will burn as brightly as her words do here.


End of the Season
By Meredith Davies Hadaway

White on white, the work boat
scrubs the fog outside my window,
churning up the clam shell

bones of the water, towing
a cloud of paper gulls—the wall,
the sky, to my eye everything

the same color: winter, waiting
to receive the smoke of our fires


from Fishing Secrets of the Dead, by Meredith Davies Hadaway


Meredith Davies Hadaway is the author of two poetry collections, The River is a Reason and Fishing Secrets of the Dead. In addition to publishing poems and reviews in various literary journals, she serves as poetry editor for The Summerset Review.  Hadaway is VP for College Relations & Marketing for Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland. Her website is

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