Today we have a beautiful litany from Barbara G. S. Hagerty, who can put her finger on what isn’t and help us all to see exactly what is. Hers is the ability to make the provisional providential and to show us all how that can be done.



In the laundry basket. In the fridge.
In the Chinese bowl.

In the drawer. In the pocket
of a summer dress.

In the details, their dishevelment,
in their abandonment.

In the shadow behind the shadow.
In the oak’s gnarl. In a child’s chair.

In the uncertainty,
in the sound of footfall,

in the needle-and-thread,
in the hatpin, in the rotary telephone.

In the beyond repair,
in on-the-tip of-my tongue,

in the sunlight, in the any moment,
in the body.

In the premonition.
In the deja vu.

In the body’s betrayal.
In the hour’s beautiful bewilderments.


Copyright @ 2014 Barbara G.S. Hagerty

Barbara G.S. HagertyBarbara G. S. Hagerty is a native of Charleston, South Carolina, whose poetry publications include two chapbooks—The Guest House (2009) and Motherfish (2012)—both from Finishing Line Press. Her first full-length book of poems, Twinzilla (a 2013 winner of the Hilary Tham Capital Collection competition) was published by The Word Works in early 2014. Awarded the 2010–2012 Fellowship in Poetry by the South Carolina Arts Commission, she is also the recipient of a fellowship from the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. She serves as a board member of the Poetry Society of South Carolina. She has worked as a photographer, curator, and teacher of poetry and creative nonfiction, and has published several nonfiction books. Long active in organizations that benefit women, she is a past board member of The Center for Women and the Sophia Institute (which cultivates wisdom and mindfulness, and upholds the principles and ideals of the sacred feminine). She holds an MA in Creative Writing from The Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars.



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  • ellensue spicer-jacobson May 19, 2014 at 9:49 am

    Anything with a mention of laundry at the beginning is terrific!