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Poetry Sunday: The Wise Woman of Amherst


It is with good reason that from time to time we include Emily Dickinson’s voice on Women’s Voices.  In a time that may seem so far away from the one in which we find ourselves now, she had the sense and the sensibility to consider what was wrong with a world much wider than the bordered and fortified one of her own limited life’s sphere.

If only we all—from Missouri to the Middle East and North, South, East, and West of those places, too—understood as she did.


Color – Caste – Denomination –
These – are Time’s Affair –
Death’s diviner Classifying
Does not know they are –

As in sleep – All Hue forgotten –
Tenets — put behind —
Death’s large – Democratic fingers
Rub away the Brand . . .

(Emily Dickinson, 1830–1886)



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  • Lola August 28, 2014 at 6:19 pm

    She gets my vote for greatest American Poet. Love E.D..