Ginger_AndrewsIt has been observed that the presiding spirit behind the poetry of  Ginger Andrews  must be William Carlos Williams.  We take issue with that because she is so clearly the heiress of the long line of women poets who understood the sanctity to be found in the everyday. Ginger has been known to say she thinks each of her poems is actually a prayer.  Today we give thanks for her gifts and for the chance to present one of her joyful poems of thanksgiving. 



Recovering from a Bout of Bursitis

thriled to finally be able to sleep

on the not-so-inflamed shoulder, to do that


to roll with a dream, side to side,

or just flip flop around becasue you can.

You can button your pants, hook your bra,

shower and shave under both arms,

tie your shoes, gather up your hair

in your left hand, before you brush your teeth.

You can take off one blouse, put on another.

Open your arms wide, fold towels and sheets,

make your bed like a pro.  You can drive

with either hand, or both!

You can just stand around flapping

your arms like an idiot, or an angel.

You can thank God for the new old you,

set new goals, rededicate, commit,

confess your sins.  You’ve been meaning to

volunteer in a soup line, clean out

your old, arthritic neighbor’s gutters.

You can hug anyone, anytime,

for any reason, you could change

your whole life if you wanted to.


                From Hurricane Sisters.  Reprinted with the poet’s permission.

Ginger Andrews is the author of two poetry collections: An Honest Answer, winner of the Roerich Poetry Prize, and Hurricane Sisters, both from Story Line Press.








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  • ellensuespicer-jacobson April 28, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    When I broke my wrist, I realized how important my wrist was for daily chores.The everyday stuff we take for granted. Loved the poem!

  • Julie Price April 28, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    Ginger is one of my all-time favorite poets. Her work sneaks up on you and delivers such wonderful endings, and this one is especially astounding. Going from bursitis to changing “your whole life” is quite a leap, but it works perfectly.

    I got to meet Ginger a few weeks ago, and it was like meeting a living, breathing, walking-around poem. She’s just as awesome as her work. Thanks for posting this! This website ROCKS! I’ll be back again and again.