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Poetry Sunday: Pictures of a Marriage

Today Martha K. Grant shares with us what most of us already know. “Till death do us part” doesn’t mean we won’t think about a different kind of life now and again. No marriage is miraculous 24-7, and very few marriages don’t spawn moments of doubt.

“Homecoming” is a lovely poem of more than acceptance. It’s one woman’s awakening and recommitment to something she’s been living for years.

Perhaps we can see ourselves in the snapshot Martha presents.



Forty-nine and a half years later she’s come home
from the store with packages of photo album sleeves.

Archival quality seems necessary now to preserve
the pictures of their wedding ceremony

which she had to scour the house to find,
still in the original brown envelope they were delivered in,

still lying in the bottom of the now disintegrating box
that holds her Bride’s Book, that thick white album

of mementos, shower invitations, guest and gift registries,
and a single black and white wedding portrait, glossy.

Coming home to this marriage, after wishing for too many years
to be elsewhere, anywhere. Even, sometimes, nowhere.

Agreeing finally—even preferring now—to be here.

                                                                        Printed with the poet’s permission.


Martha GrantMy twin muses of the visual and the poetic arts jostle each other for a starring role in my creative life. Poetry is winning lately. Eventually, I hope to combine my writing with my fiber collage and calligraphy interests. Meanwhile, I’ve been published in California Quarterly, New Texas, Earth’s Daughters, and the anthology Unruly Catholic Women Writers.  I am a regular contributor to the Texas Poetry Calendar and have a Pushcart nomination. My husband and I live in the Texas Hill Country, where we enjoy the deer and other critters roaming our property, and visits from our ten grandchildren. 

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