When Women’s Voices was born in the living room of one of our founders, one sentence that was uttered has echoed throughout the many months and years of our work.  “We know how to do this,” was the statement.  It was said in the context of: We know how to run a movement…or a peaceful revolution…or an evolution with teeth.

This week’s Poetry Sunday poem, by Lynnel Jones (right)  was sent to us by her friends (and ours) at On The Issues Magazine.  It speaks of how we women who have been around more than one block in our lifetimes know how to be there for what we care about. It’s a nice reminder of our power to make a difference in 2012.

Varieties of Rapture

That May morning
another Rapture’d been forecast
and passed
and some who’d scoffed
were honking
just plain drivers
out at the stoplight
between the Chestnut Hill Diner
and the northbound lane
of the highway where
ten people held up homemade signs

By 1:00 we’d moved ourselves
and the signs
to the corner of Main
and Court House Square
our numbers enlarged
by three octogenarians
one hobbling between cars
stopped at the light
she was grinning and
knocking on windows
offering pamphlets
the other two
smiled and
nodded off
signs propped against their knees
and the wheels of their chairs.

Lynnel Jones’ poetry is steeped in the joys and struggles of Minnesota’s immigrant mining community, and the lives of the people of rural southern Virginia and Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, where she now lives. Her poetry has appeared in numerous online and print journals. Her chapbook, “Rocks and Crazy People,” was published by www.FoothillsPublishing.com in 2008.

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  • elizabeth Hemmerdinger January 8, 2012 at 8:41 am

    Dear Poetry Editor –
    What a delightful evocation of the good old times and also an encouraging roadmap for what lies ahead. See you soon on the corner of Main and Court House Square!
    Elizabeth Hemmerdinger